Why do people still call kpop a meme?

  • I’ve read some of your guys comments on threads and some of you genuinely think that KPOP as a whole is still a meme...

    After all the records we broke, after all the articles and news coverage we’ve been getting, some of you still think it’s a meme?

    BTS Dynamite just got nominated for a Grammy. Even with that award show being notoriously racist and xenophobic. It had no choice but to bow its head down because of how massively popular this boy group from South Korea became.

    I don’t even see anyone posting memes about KPOP unless that person was a fan themselves...

    Sure enough some people make fun of the group and the fans but those guys are in the MINORITY.

    Which is why news outlets in the west are so supportive because we are in the MAJORITY side.

    This is business 101 people, as a majority we get to control what is determined and perceived.

    As the majority WE get to control what’s popular or not.

    So if we say KPOP is a meme then it’s a meme

    If we say KPOP will never break though the west then it won’t.

    I myself don’t want that to happen, I spent 7 years of my young life listening to this genre and being a fan myself was slowly pushing the rock up so to speak. My generation, and the previous generation of fans slowly built up momentum by:

    • Sharing it to friends
    • Going on social media
    • Streaming

    7 years later we finally get to this point and this is still what some of y’all still think????

    I wasn’t even going to post on this website anymore but seeing all you Debbie downers ruined my mood.

    Some of y’all still stuck in 2012 I see... :(

    Well hop on my DMC DeLorean and welcome to 2021.

    Where KPOP is now considered a global phenomenon with some groups even outselling household names.

    Where the money in the genre is so lucrative that business schools are even researching and discussing it as a topic.

    And the fans are so numerous, they can decide to just trend a funny hashtag #1 about an inside joke that no one outside their fanbase will know.

    Get with the times people...

  • some fans make kpop look bad asf but most of the things i hear from non fans are like, "its gay asf" or "theyre girls"( boy idols) other than that i think it isnt a meme, just not taken seriously by all.

  • I'm also curious as to how its a meme? I don't see much talk about that :whatb:

    Some Twitter and AKP users. I won’t call them out but I’m genuinely worried for them.

    They might have lost their time machine and are now stuck in the future.

  • Probably because unless you're in Vancouver or somewhere in Socal kpop doesn't really seem to get much radioplay on mainstream stations at least from what I've noticed(beyond Gangnam style).

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