Why do people blame company for when idols underachieve?

  • when a group is from a nugu company and they fail.

    'That company'

    When a group is from a top company and succeeds.

    F them for not promoting better they could be bigger!

    Top from top company underperforms..


    Like why do people say this over and over? Did you ever stop to think maybe the group is just naturally not succeeding due to lack of appeal in their comebacks????

    That's the most likely scenario .... why constantly blame company for their underachieving.. i feel like there is not a single group happy with the company... always have something to complain about.

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  • most of the time it is the company but sometimes u just cant blame them if the group doesnt do well

    fans hate to see their faves flop so they make up stuff.......

    usually, its the company giving them concepts tho... the only reason a group wouldn't be doing well is if they aren't being promoted properly or their comebacks aren't fitting into what people like these days, or they just got into some huge scandal. Stans tend to be harder on the company because they know how strict they can be on idols. so if they're limiting what idols can and can't do... the least to make up for it is to make sure they're succeeding in the industry.

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  • There a very strong "anti-company' sentiment among many.

    This bleeds over from an overall "anti-establishment" bent many have.

    In that they have an innate emotional tendency to side with individuals over established organizations/institutions by default.

    This often reduces thinking to a very predictable line of reasoning.

    I.e. all success or fortune experienced is wholly due to the individual and in spite of the company (without their help, in spite of them "holding them back")

    Any failures of misfortune experienced is wholly due to the company and the individual holds no responsibility.

    It's a reductive view that discounts the role institutions play on offering opportunity to individuals.

    Companies and organizations are not infallible and can mistreat/restrict/hinder/etc. But they also offer essential value that often goes unacknowledged by the general populace.

    Individuals would not be able to do many of the things they do without Institutions.

    Similarly idols could not have the careers and opportunities they often get without that company foundation.

    Responsibility for any failure is often a mix across individuals and institutions as well as cold hard realities of business and luck. Sometimes things just don't work out. Sometimes the costs of promotion/push, etc. outweigh the benefit or are not feasible.

  • First of all, company does manage the acts, that can be solo or group and how they manage them can be good or not good, successful or unsuccessful. I think we all know how this industry works and company of course wants profit. How to get profit? To satisfy fans and make as much money from them as they can. Company tries their best, but sometimes surpresses the artists creative freedom and don't protect them from deluded or obsessive fans or antis. If that is good or bad, this is for every individual to decide or better said: for every individual to have an opinion about this, because we can not really do much.

    Me personally, don't really pay too much attention to companies of artists i like (and i don't 'blame' them for success or lack of success, because this is usually due to a combination of several factors) . Also don't really care if others see them as someone that underachieves. I would want them to be successful as they deserve to be and i'm happy for every achievement. I am also not forcing anyone to like them, if you don't, you don't. I like their music and everything else, if others don't, that's alright. I also wish, that they could do whatever they want to and show what they want to. That is it.

    Sometimes company doesn't manage them as artists would want to be managed probably, so if i assume so, i can rant a bit about it, but that is it. I know for the company this is only business. :)

    And for fans would be better to not be too emotionaly involved and understand that nothing is as simple as: it's company's fault or it's artist's fault.

  • Lack of appeal might indeed be a good factor and sometimes the actual group matters more than the management.

    Look at YG and their trash management. Yet somehow both 2NE1 and BP survived it and maintained their popularity solely because fans liked the members and the music.

    At the same time, if a group from a small company had a similar management, they'd be dead in no time. A group not promoted enough and more importantly, without quality promotions is a dead group.

  • in a way i thank him for debuting them and thats all. everything else in their success was because of themselves.

    What about 2ne1 and BB’s massive success? Teedy’s songs? The YG reputation in SK? They are part of the brand. That was what made them popular at first when they were rookies

    Without that it is nearly impossible for them to be where they are rn

  • What about 2ne1 and BB’s massive success? Teedy’s songs? The YG reputation in SK? They are part of the brand. That was what made them popular at first when they were rookies

    Without that it is nearly impossible for them to be where they are rn

    i thank yg for debuting them. other than that, their success is by themselves. majority of the blinks dont even stan or care for bb and 2ne1 ffs.

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