And, People say that AESPA are flops.

  • they offered them a contract before even debuting, its simple they see a potential. it would be dumb of them to sign them just for 'K-pop clout' or expecting them to have a 'selling-power' already when they are just about to debut, they could've easily picked any 4th gen groups who already established themselves or is more 'relevant' to give them that 'Kpop clout' they want since its Givenchy after all. You've literally just seen the girls in those 4 outfits but why are you acting like they had worn all of their collection and say it doesn't fit their fashion??

    Lol yeah bc every Korean companies can contact Givenchy and can propose them a deal. See, that’s why we are saying it’s due to Big 3 privilege, big 3 connections. And it’s due to connections in fashion that Sm developed for years. So Before debuting SM was planning to associate Aespa with a fashion brand. If Givenchy refused they would have reach another fashion house with ease.

    That’s why I said that it doesn’t seems genuine.

    It’s not a critic against the girls but it just show how much SM have connections. Sm could at least try to do it like Yg and let the girls working with different brands so they can create a real relationship with a fashion house, show if they fit the values of the house, the image and also if they can boost the sales and have impact in fashion etc. After that they can become global ambassador.

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