BTS' BE Album Review

  • Since I had free time, I decided to listen to this album.....

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    Let's do it

    1) Life Goes On

    Since first listen, My opinion changed,

    Good chill vibe. It goes decent, but nothing to hold onto. Melody is passable. Repetitive a little. Vocals are good for the most part. Rap is good except for "Mmm" part.

    I am sorry but Infliction in voice of Jimin, on every listen, just takes me out. I don't think it was necessary. It's at 0:29.

    Rating :- 6.25/10

    2) Fly To My Room

    Jimin's first verse is really interesting. I can't pinpoint the rhythm. Good job.

    Instrumental is good. Until Suga came in, I thought this was Christmas Version of "Friends" from MOTS:7. There is a little vocal overprocessing throughout rap verses, It's jarring. I never knew the song was so high to sing until the last 45 seconds. Song felt a little long than it is.

    Rating :- 6.75/10

    3) Blue & Grey

    The piano and guitar are so beautiful. Damn, I like it.

    I don't like Jimin's part in this song. Chorus melody is less engaging that i would like it too.

    Rating :- 5.75/10

    4) Telepathy

    This song has certain careless and playful feeling to it. I love the feeling of the song.

    Although song and verses are good, Chorus falls flat.

    Rating :- 6/10

    5) Dis-ease

    Gives me old-school hip-hop vibe at start.

    Chorus is disappointing. Also, the scratch in the chorus could have used in a better way.

    The chorus then goes into this weird transition to a Half-time bridge section

    Now hear me out, The bridge in itself is executed perfectly. My favorite part in the whole song. The main problem is that it doesn't fit THIS SONG. If it was something like "Louder than Bombs" type of song, that song would be the song to beat...

    Rating :- 7.5/10 (Extra 1.5 for THAT BRIDGE)

    6) Stay


    Build up was good. Drop was good. The song is amazing. No complaints at all.

    Rating :- 8.5/10

    7) Dynamite

    Already reviewed it. Rating stays same.

    Rating :- 6.75/10

    The album was,in whole, so-so which is a pity since i expected a little from The Biggest Group in the World. Stay easily is the best song in the whole album. Dis-ease's bridge is FIRE. Rest is pretty MEH...

    Final Rating :- 47.75/70

  • I'm not really sure what kind of album you were expecting to be honest :/

    But hey, everyone is entitled to their taste, and as long as ARMY loved it ( and more importantly that I loved it ;( ) it's all good.

    We agree on Dis-ease bridge though, best part of the album for me !

  • Life Goes On is a 9. It was just missing a really catchy bridge/outro. Otherwise, lyrics, verses, chorus, all were great, BTS makes top notch boy ballads.

    Telepathy is a 9 as well. It's everything that Dynamite wasnt, it shouldve been the single that dominated the way Dynamite did.

    The other songs didnt leave an impression on me.

  • it's hilarious hearing this from you, you stan groups with bridges that have no connections to the song; slow down the song with some random bridge that makes no sense, hit the high note and then resume the song.

    in your "what prevents you from stanning sm music" or however it was called, this was the main or only reason why. even honest youtube reactors, and sadly there aren't many, pointed this out.

    again, i find it hilarious.

    anyways, blue & grey, telepathy, and dis-easy are superior

  • I liked BE (just not as much as MOTS:7) .Absolutely loved Blue and Grey and Dis-ease(That BRIDGE :love: ) while stay being my least liked song.

    my ratings-

    1.Dis-ease: 9.5

    2.Blue and Grey: 9.5

    3.Life Goes On: 8.5

    4.Telepathy: 8.5

    5.Dynamite: 7

    6.Fly to my room: 6.5

    7.Stay: 4.5

  • Stepped on a nerve?

    First of all, This is my opinion. Also, It is completely respectful.

    Second of all,

    That's your opinion and it's fine, just like mine. It's all subjective. Nothing is objective here.

    Third of all,

    Please link me those honest reactors and Don't tell me DJ Jino is one of them.

    Also, Thanks for reading my review thoroughly

  • i wouldn't even reply if you didn't make this comment. like, literally, sm is well known for their "no connection to the song + high note" bridge. that's the company that made "raise the roof". and as i said i find it hilarious that it bothered you in dis-ease. i didn't say your opinion is wrong, i just added that three songs i mentioned are superior, and they are lol

    jino ofc, who still gets trashed by the army, or better say by solo stans. i don't watch reactions anymore because all of them are fake, it's not possible to like every single song. i don't rememeber his name but it's a black guy with first and last name and one of those starts with i. he really didn't like "the 100" but the video got blocked by sm. in "tiger inside" he made a comment on a high note and how it's boring, yes we get it he can hit it but they don't have to include it in every song. i think he stans lucas. i'm sure that people who watch reactions knows who he is

  • we have a similar taste :)

    dis-ease - 10

    blue & grey - 9.8

    telepathy - 9.5

    dynamite - 7.5

    fly to my room - 7

    stay - 3 (dated edm)

    life goes on is a 7 to me tho

  • That's what you think. It isn't truth.

    What's wrong with Raise The Roof? I don't find anything wrong even tho it's not my favorite.

    Dis-ease has old school vibe for the whole song till the bridge even the percussion is very 90's like. Bridge sounds more modern than whole song that's why it didn't fit for me.

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