I'm laughing at some kpop fans bashing Money success!!

  • People bashed Blackpink for being IG models because being big on Instagram is somehow supposed to be 'lesser' than being a traditional idol, yet it's the reason Blackpink are now global superstars who can walk around proudly in Hollywood while their faves couldn't.

    It's pretty obvious that being popular on Instagram brought them clout, which brought them brand deals with top luxury brands, which brought them even more clout - it's a self-perpetuating cycle.

    Now that Tiktok is the next big thing, being big on Tiktok is literally the best thing that can happen. Their faves are desperate to get Tiktok famous but no one's tuning in.

  • The way some are trying to scream how Money is a meme viral song, TikTok song and whatever and suddenly saying: "my faves did that without promo!!" B! Your faves groups are their promo!

    All soloists from famous groups will have already a certain amount of success thanks to their groups's names and this obviously can be said about Lisa too.

    Wait until the groups disband and see who will be famous on their own, maintaining a following on their own. For now just shut up, bc constantly shading Lisa success won't make it less relevant, it will just show how insecure you are!!!!

    If your faves are that great, why being shade? Uhum, insecurity behavior and leave Lisa alone. If you are that bothered about Money success, your problem, b is sitting beautifully on Spotify TOP12 for over a month :wellr: byeeeeeeeee!

    SOME Marine´s :pepe-shades: on a appreciation thread about Lisa was really :pepenomad:

    did blackpink release a new album today?'s tweet - "#LALISA ACAB, aquí solo  respetamos a la POLISA " - TrendsmapID BI****S


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