At what age do Korean actors usually peak?

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  • My favourite actress is Kim So-hyun. She is currently 21. I think her peak is yet to come. Also my fave is Hye-in Jeong. She is 30 right now. She hasn't gotten any big role yet. She is very underrated. Idk why. She is amazing actress and very pretty. If people will recognize her she might peak late 30. Isn't she the most pretty actress ever?

    Hye-in Jeong

    G.D <3 RM <3 Mino <3 Bang Chan <3 Hongjoong <3 Hyunsuk


  • Lee Minho peaked with The Heirs, it was arguably his biggest hit in both Korea and internationally. I think he was around 25-26 at that time so mid twenties for him.

    On a side note, Korean dramas are getting more popular globally, so internationally I think actors repeak with every other drama, Take Suzy as an example, Vagabond was her biggest hit internationally before Start Up came along.

  • I can't pinpoint their precise peak. One of my faves actresses is Son Ye Jin. She rose to fame in the early 2000s, become more popular after that. She gets slow down in the mid-2010s as she only acts in the movie, yet she still gets critical acclaim for her role in the movie. In the late 2010s, everyone knows she doing a very good job after return to television series through Something in Rain & CLOY

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