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  • so ive seen most users post in the wrong section and dont seem to understand why this was decided so I'll break it down.

    Thisas the previous format.

    The main issue with the previous format was, it was like this 1 active section 5 other dead ones.

    Artist threads are a huge thing with kpop forums and always have been, but since they were thrown into their own section majority of them died. As they are too far out of sight out of mind.

    Comeback threads? That section was a wasteland. Celebrity zone? Dead. Achievement section? Absolutely nobody who posted there was happy about it. Awards?? Another issue nobody went there.

    Sales and achievements is a huge thing with kpop, but at the same time, how many of us want 500 threads and updates of a groups charting WW?

    Comeback threads, awards, gossip and rumors aritst threads all of these were dead before or moved from kpop to those sections.

    How we have it now. All music topics and artists threads and comeback threads will he in kpop MUSIC.

    All news and sales, achievements. Idol rumors IG updates, etc news and gossip.

    K-lounge? This is for having a blast for topics like we have there 'bts vs exo' 'which hair color should rose use' these topics are encouraged but shouldnt be mixed with others.

    1 section for the amount of topics we get is not enough, and this is an EQUAL split of the topics. Im open to suggestions if you have any though let me know if you have another way we can equally divide the topics.

  • Could it be possible to make a section for all the official tag lists, like you have artists under there put one for tag lists i think putting it in the lounge they easily get pushed to the end and no one is going to really go looking for them i feel like if i'm to "bump" it, it would become spammy and annoying to people to get them back in sight...

    if this makes sense.

    can it be a subsection like the artist threads?

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  • Honestly I was fine with just one big KPOP section. Just more extra clicks for me this time around....

    Like i said there was never just 1 section, you were fine with it but what about people who post about celebrity gossip ? Or sales ? Or comeback/artist threads? All of their topics had zero activity.

    Ive actually decreased the sections. Not increased. We just have better structure.

  • you're right, there were too many sections. i still remember during the purge when a user on the "official album review team" asked the mods what they thought about them, and the mod said 'i don't even know who you are.' and then the user whined about it since the mods were the ones who appointed them to the review team, but the mods still had no idea what they were talking about. the mods didn't even know what was going on in the dead sections or recognize the staff members supposed to be working there. 🤡🤡🤡

    i think this is a good way to keep that from happening to this forum. users will eventually catch on. it's easy enough on desktop, maybe the solution to users worries is just to make sections more convenient to access and switch between on mobile.

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