Should 'The K-Lounge' and 'K-POP Music' sections be merged into one overall KPOP section like it was before?

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  • Should 'k-Lounge' and 'K-POP Music' sections be merged into one overall KPOP section like it was before? 22

    1. Yes (16) 73%
    2. No (6) 27%

    We already have a lounge section so having a separate K-Lounge section is not necessary,

    We have to continuously switch between kpop music and K-Lounge section back and forth inorder to find new kpop threads and doing it on a phone isn't that comfortable.

    Imo it would be better if we have just one main kpop section, just like we had on older version of allkpop.

    What do you guys think

  • we didn't just have 1 section before tho.

    We had kpop, achievements, artist threads, celebrity zone comeback thread section.

    There was many dead sections in the old format that suffered

    And the main kpop section is too flooded with topics nobody cared about like sales or random vs threads.

    If we want organization we need to keep akp clean, we cant have 1 big section it's too crowded there.

    Music can also hold home to artists threads and comeback threads, news all sales rumors news in general. K lounge general topics.

    If we go back to before then we will just see all the sales threads and the other sections will be dead. Trust us this will work.

  • Yep. It would be less confusing and it will be less work for mods to move the threads :!::!::!:

    People will understand eventually.

    Sections were always a thing on AKP before. Its just nobody visited the other ones. But this way people who want news know where to go. Want music? Know where to go. Want some fun then k-lounge.

    Its just some organization, AKP will grow and eventually there will be sooo many topics that this division will be necessary. I can understand the confusion tho so nobody will be getting warned untill we get it sorted.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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