• I don't watch short films that often. But here are some I have loved. How about you? Please non animted. I will make animated short separately.

    The Neihbors' Window (2019)

    A Trip to the moon (1902)

    The Red Balloon (1956)

    Detainment (2018)

    The Black Hole (2017) on DUST

    The Dollmaker (2019) on ALTER

    In the Absence (2018, documentary)

    Nefta Football club (2018)

    Brotherhood (2018)

  • I'll wait for the animated thread. There's a lot of solid shorts by Dust and Alter :)

    The Marble Hornets

    The Uncharted short film with Nathan Fillion

    The CryptTV - there's a lot so I'm just going to mention the YT channel :D

    Omeleto - Same as above. They also have genre-specific YT channels

  • Dust, ALTER, CryptTV, Omeleto are my fav channels. They have some unique & solid short films.

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