Allkpop Confessions thread

  • There's something which is gonna affect not only me but also the people around me. Almost everyone who probably loves me. Still I have to tell this. But I don't know how to tell them. Because this is not the first time. I don't know how to tell them that this disgusting human being is gonna make their life worse along with his own. And I know they are gonna adjust just for this man. But for how long? How long am I gonna hurt them? How long do they have to compromise for a human who doesn't do any good for them? How long? Idk what to do. I really don't. I guess I should go ahead and make the decision myself by not letting them do so. This is probably the safest bet. So that they'll have to adjust probably for one last time.

  • Reading these confessions make me feel like some people really do be having super sad lives 😳 Kpop is really not that deep lmao

  • i feel like activity has died down? i don't see much of it

  • okay well this works so here we go

    im stuck between wanting to support the hell out of bp and hating them idek

    maybe it’s because blinks and solo stans annoy the shit out of me

    and ik ik I too think it’s ridiculous to not like a group just bc of the fans but at the same time it just makes me so damn petty and I start to resent bp

    also, i really like the girls but the hype blinks give them... undeserved? just a lil? they’re barely around and all these other ggs are out working their butts off (btw I’m a bg stan) and not getting the success that bp is just... handed. even when the stuff they put out is mediocre at best and “shouldn’t even exist” at worst

    the worst part about all this is that I hate when people call them the number 1 girl group even thought they are undeniably that. I hate when people say that they revolutionized kpop. I also hate myself for thinking these things!!

    anyway i feel disgusting writing this because it is so toxic :( don’t hate me please blinks, I’m dealing with many conflicting feelings. I hope I can get over all of this so I can support the girls because they don’t deserve anything of what I just said.

  • You're in anon dw nobody knows you to hate you

  • yeah ik but I still feel like shit for dragging the girls like that

  • they’re barely around and all these other ggs are out working their butts off (btw I’m a bg stan) and not getting the success that bp is just... handed. even when the stuff they put out is mediocre at best and “shouldn’t even exist” at worst

    What working their butts off? Most kpop groups follow normal comeback schedules. Bp has the appeal the rest just don't. If anything it shows the star power and how much people like their music to still stay in the fandom and await them. It's not bp's fault if they couldn't comeback, it's yg's. Most ggs just don't have the appeal. Hard work will not give u results all the time. If hard work was everything everyone would be rich and successful. Are they? When ever bp come backs they have impact, why don't the other so called hard working ggs? And bp girls have worked hard to be where they are.

  • thanks for deleting that stupid bts bash thread. it was so unnecessary. i thought there were gonna be no bashing thread anymore on this site X/ and then mentioned in the title 'armys not allowed'. like yeah we are not allowed to protect the bts members when someone is bashing them. reading that bashing thread title itself made me wanna leave this site :( .

    if someone can be so pressed over the biggest group in the world, they need to check their priorities and mental health. being that negative is not good for your health.

  • it's really easy to criticize but then if you've ever done half the things they do, it's unfair to say they don't deserve the hype

    they all work really hard, all of them. it's not if any of them deserve to get a break or to be hyped, a lot of it is pure luck and part of luck still requires being in the right place at the right time

    even when they do get this magical luck, next thing you know they get cancelled for doing something any normal human does, say something stupid without thinking, do something stupid without thinking, having a bad angle, wearing the wrong outfit, eating the wrong food, getting old..

    it doesn't matter if it's bp or any other group.

  • You need to stop fetishizing asian men, especially korean.

    I feel uncomfortable with this.

  • Armys are only nice to eachother, I don't get what they mean by "safe space" when this whole forum is their place to gush over their faves :pepe-cringe:

  • I really want bts maknae line to date and get exposed. I want to see how is the reaction from their fans. It must be fun right?!

  • reading some posts on this forum makes me lose some brain cells. seriously half of them probably have a negative iq score.

  • For people who claim to not care about the BH-YG news, they sure do make lots of threads and posts about it. :pepe-smug:

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