Allkpop Confessions thread

  • I have the most perfect girlfriend but I’m afraid its gonna crash and burn. Nothing because of her but because of my own insecurities. She finally made me believe in love again after some pretty traumatic experiences. She makes me so happy but I’m so scared that I’ll mess it up.

  • Long story short: I think I am apart of the LGBT community but I keep denying it because I have internalized issues with myself and I don't know how my family will react. I don't even think I'm ready to talk about it so I shut it out. :pepe-life-support::pepe-toilet:

  • My text just ended up huge, so I hid it under the spoiler.

  • The way I knew this was mostly going to be about bts/armys, I wasnt disappointed. I dont even feel triggered by people bashing bts anymore, I feel immune to it having seen it happen 24/7 Actually, I love reading about bts no matter if it's positive or negative.

  • damn ARMYs really left AKP. Any thread that sets up BTS barely hits 3 pages. Though I see some of them slowly coming back, I don't see them fully coming back until BTS makes a comeback.

    rip. Getting 2018 vibes from when Blinks were bullied off AKP. The forum is alot more dead without them posting their achievements and threads and stuff.

  • Blinks are having a collective meltdown on akp.

    Dod the middle school close for the day or something?

  • It's annoying how this user pretends like they don't dislike that member for no reason. Going as far as lying about them just to justify their dislike.

  • It's 2020 and people still think grown women can't make their own choices and they themselves know better. Smh.

  • Blackpink fans are definitely going to be okay with Jennie dating since its GD. They know that GD & Big Bang are one of the reasons Blackpink had any hype for their debut which eventually gave them a headstart. And cannot forget how Big Bang member/s used to be there at their concerts in early years because they didn't have enough songs lol. So they are gonna be as little edgy as they can be during this. Or atleast I hope so.

  • this is absolutely not the place to put it but i think i am going insane with whatever the hell is going on in my house

    why did i have to be born here lmao what a scam

    also i hate emotions. they are another scam.

  • Akp has become a place for circle-jerking.

    Every fandom does that here and then people circle-jerk about others circle-jerking :clown:  :clown:

  • please take me back to my home planet. I hate it here.

    I would literally sell my soul to be heterosexual

  • people calling out on men being misogynistic in the kpop fandom and not regarding how more than half the ppl obsessed w kpop are women :/:/

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