Venting/Ranting Thread

  • man i fucking hate not knowing what to say at the right time

  • I feel its wrong to sacrifice your individuality to join a fandom. I see most people lose their morals and get offended for things they are not at fault for just because they stan a certain group. Its wrong. You don't need to fight their battles unneeded, too many get hurt over this, including you.

    Even worse, some take it a step further and insult other artists cos competition. Please just stop. No one should care how someone charts better than the other. Don't be willing pawns for a company, nobody wins but them!

  • Knetz[Pann] said that Dubchaeng aren’t allowed to wear hanbok and it doesn’t suit them. Aren’t they Korean?They sound like the people who got mad at my boys for wear them in their MV, only difference those people weren’t Korean. And they’re saying they copying them. I don’t remember them saying anything when Bp “copied” their style. They could probably have the same stylist or they work together. Some kpop groups share the same stylish and everything. If the stylist did copied then they need to apologize not the girls. What is wrong with kids these days? When Naive copied an artist work they dragged Twice instead. At this point I believe the girls are done with being an Idol and don’t blame them. Knetz are too harsh and hard on idols. Imagine not being available to live a normal life... See in U.S. a lot of fans don’t care if celebrities date,have sex, get married or have kids. I don’t care what happens on Oct 2022 because I know they’ll be free and will take a nice break from the spotlight.

    KNETZ are brainless and brainwashed

  • It’s ok for SM to partnering with UMG and other Global Companies for Projects but not BH? Make it make sense.

  • i can't forget about my ex i'm over it and i'm interested in someone else but i never got a real reason why they broke up with me. they said it was commitment issues then started dating someone else like a month later so i doubt that was it but like i have no option but to accept it as the truth. they said we could be friend then unfollowed me on every social platform. that's kinda fucked up. i don't even know if i did anything wrong or if they just stopped loving me. i don't understand why they didn't just tell me the truth. it was gonna hurt either way they could have just made it easier to get some kind of closure. it's whatever tho i try not to think about it too much cause it distracts me from focusing on the ppl who actually love me and are there for me. at least i know what do look for in a partner and what to avoid. thinking positively is a very good trait

  • I really don’t want to get married, have kids, or move in with my boyfriend. I want everything to stay like it is now, but without covid. I just want to earn my money so i can continue shopping and traveling whenever and wherever, and I want to do it all with my boyfriend But I know he wants to get married and start a family. When we were in hs, i thought it was just a phase. I loved his nieces and nephews and I thought someday, I’ll feel like I want kids too and that we were just too young and that’s why I didn’t want it then but here I am, 7 years later and I still don’t want that life. I finished university, have a high paying stable career, and now it feels like everyone’s just waiting for me to get married. I don’t want to.

    I like living alone. I like being able to step away from people and be in my own bubble at the end of the day. I don’t want kids, I don’t think I’ll ever have what it takes to be a mom. I’m selfish, I’m impulsive, I’m a very private person, I get tired from being around people all day. I don’t think I will ever change my mind.

  • bighit controls txt too much and doesn't give them the artistis freedom. this MUST change in future

  • im so fucking tired yet i can’t seem to finish this damn work and i have other two to complete and i won’t even get to turn it probably it’s so unfair i hate this

  • im so fucking tired yet i can’t seem to finish this damn work and i have other two to complete and i won’t even get to turn it probably it’s so unfair i hate this

    Dude agreed I was just ranting in the random thoughts thread that I had to work on my days off but they won't let me bank that day so I can take a different day off the accountant said it didn't matter that I worked on my day off? Anything over 40 hours a week is banked time but apparently not? I was ranting to my sister and she's treating me like a drama queen or something but legit how do people not think other people can't get stressed out and exhausted? It's fucking bullshit.. So now I'm going to tell my supervisor that if he needs me to work on my day off then he can forget about it, not like I'm getting paid extra to work on my days off FFS

  • why the hell is everyone so hungry for acorns that they legit beg for it :pepe-cringe:

  • Badge is so fucking expensive man. 250 akorns for each badge like how could I get that? I’m here since the revamp but still can’t get any badge until now, fuck!

  • That sig most armys have is so hilariously stupid. BtS pAvEd the WaY fOR YOUr fAves. ArMY pAved way for You. Help!!!

  • i want to make more true friends as all my irl friends, even my bestie seems to be purposefully ignoring me because they all have new friends. now, it's just me hard carrying our friendship and they only contact me when they need my help

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