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  • 1. Kepler WILL FLOP BADLY. They will also get into loads of talentless scandals because half of them are DOZENS. dozen sing, dozen dance, dozen rap, DOZEN DO ANYTHING.

    2. In my opinion, even though Minho is a better dance than Felix and Hyunjin technically, he is less intresting to watch. My man just dances with a straight face. I like minho as a person, BUT where is the emotion and facial expressions? Same with chaeryoung!!

    3. Aespa DEEPLY lack stage presence and lip syncing skills!! I watched their savage music bank stage, and their faces are just blank and their lips are barely moving!! I AM BORED. go girl give us nothing!!

    4. Itzy are NOT falling off, it's just that AESPA over shadow them, but let it be known, they are still standing!! Even when JYP is trying to replace them!!

    5. JYP is quickly replacing twice, day6, and got7 with their 3 new COPY groups of the 3. Seriously? JYP new ideas please!! They are IDIOTS. Itzy are already in 4th GEN, this new group MIGHT overshadow them if they get bigger than them, can you imagine your competition is your own company mates? very very BAD idea on JYPE end.


    Next caller...

    7. If Giselle apologized quickly, why CANT WENDY? OR SUJU? OR NCT? Im not cherry picking, no I am, if Irene was allowed to apologize on her personal instagram, and Giselle was allowed to apologize HERSELF, why did Wendy the gangster of Korea, not apologize?

    8. HOT TAKE: PEOPLE DRAGGED GISELLE TO FILTH, ONLY BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN. listen, she was wrong, I know, but jaehyun did the same EXACT thing as her...and black nctzens got OVER that real quick, nctzens too!! Jaehyun was NOT witchhunted to the degree that Giselle was!! Why? Internalized misogyny!!


    They DO not work as soloists! Actually, they work better as a group!! BUT WE KNOW THEY ARE TIRED OF YGE AND TEDDY!! WE'LL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF OT4 AGAIN.


    YGE has treated lisa like shit these past few years, I don't even need to explain, if you know, you know.

    11. Mamamoo ARE FLOPPING BADLY.

    RBW has brainless zombies as workers!! They have set Mamamoo UP. Their last album SOLD 7,000 COPIES. It's OKAY to re create songs!! HIP 2.0 COULD SAVE THEM.

    12. Nobody but Hwasa interests me in mamamoo as a soloist.

    13. Visuals DO turn me off from a group, I have not stanned Enhypen because THEY scare me!!

    14. LIA IS NOT THE SINGER YALL MAKE HER OUT TO BE. YEJI is more main vocal material and her voice interests me MORE.

    15. Jungwoo from NCT is SCARY TO ME. I see the false persona leaking from him everytime he is ON CAMERA. I AM SCARED DEEPLY.


    She is a dozen as of right now, she DOZEN dance because I have not seen her bust a move since 1987!! SHE CANNOT SING. AND SHE CAME OUT WITH A FLOP CALLED SECOND!! NOT FIRST, SECOND!!!

    17. Token stanning is real!! And ITS OKAY!!!

    18. lastly, 2021 HAS been the WORST YEAR FOR KPOP!! FLOP NATION. every group has declined musically, EVEN worse then the haunting of RETRO nation back in 2020!! All groups are TERRIBLE now!! Now I see WHY 2ND GEN STANS ARE STINGY AND HATEFUL!! I WOULD BE TOO!! Compare Into the new world by SNSD to Aespa's debut!!

    19. OKAY, this is the last opinion,


    20. Stray KIDS are the ONLY REAL KPOP GROUP THAT YOU CAN TELL LIKE EACHOTHER!! they act like brothers and not CO WORKERS.

    21. Whatever Yeonjun from TXT recently had done to his face has ruined his appearance, I am not shaming him but he has gotten another eye augmentation, another nose augmentation, something like filler with his lips, and chin and jaw. I hope he stops, because he truly isn't ugly or anything, he looked fine and handsome before, but the newest surgery (starting from blue hour or puma) has really made him look like a different person.

    22. I believe Woojin left Stray kids because he 1. Felt left out 2. Felt ignored and not acknowledged. Woojin was getting no lines, he wasn't treated right, the fandom secretly didn't like him, it was just a hot mess and I think one day he realized that he did not fit in with skz, I believe an arguement went down that didn't end well and Woojin then decided to leave after he felt even more alone, I think he brought up his concerns about his treatment and nobody defended him.

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  • I'll comment on

    9 - your opinion, but i love the solos and they can stand on their own so i appreciate their solo works. Obviously i think BP music is still better, but well, to me BP music is better than the whole kpop so (I'm being ironic with a little of true...) kkkk

    10 - a difficult topic, but to me Lisa is restricted a lot without explanation which leads to thinking that her nationality must be a reason...

  • Giselle getting "dragged" because she's a woman?? Have you ever considered that fact that she said a racial slur? That's not even something to have an opinion on


    No, I knew she was dragged because of the racial slur, but I AM SAYING, compared to what men do in the industry, THEY are not targeted and dragged as bad as female idols are, LOADS of male idols have said the n word, and yet when female idols do stuff they get harassed and dragged way worse.

  • No, I knew she was dragged because of the racial slur, but I AM SAYING, compared to what men do in the industry, THEY are not targeted and dragged as bad as female idols are, LOADS of male idols have said the n word, and yet when female idols do stuff they get harassed and dragged way worse.

    That's true Jacob from VAV or whatever that group is called did the same thing. But his apology was good. Giselle's was lackluster. So I can see why people would still be upset with her and not want to forgive her. But I didn't even hear of the Jacob thing until a friend told me about it yesterday. His did his apology and it was hand written in Korean and English. It was pretty good for a kpop idol apology. On the other hand male idols who have done way more than Giselle get a slap on the wrist. Like all of NCT. Repeatedly too. Yes NCT get dragged like many other groups but a lot of people that don't follow NCT don't know their scandals, most kpop stans (MYs or not) know about Giselle though.

  • elle, honey, i told you study for your science test.

    not write a whole paper on your kpop opinions.


  • Okay, tbh because no one else has the bravery to respond to you seriously apparently, I will since I see some truth in many of your points while I disagree w/many others.....

    1. Probably true....(sorry GP999 but I watched one of their lives & their vocals were TERRIBLE. T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E.)

    At least their rappers TRIED w/rapping, tho? No comment on dancing cuz I honestly don't remember if it was bad, but honestly I think that at least was fine (like every other Kpop group).

    3. Actually Aespa's lip-synching skills are AMAZING. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Watch their earlier performances which according to everyone + MR Removed's were all lip-synched or pre-recorded. It's just that they got lazy w/the last 2 performances (maybe bc they got depressed that SM makes them lip-synch everything despite their encores which were either average or amazing, and now everyone knows it & made fun of them for it all the time??). Which unfortunately one of them was at the U.N. and seen at the international level (at least by national-level politicians).

    4. I agree, ITZY *ARE* still proudly standing despite Aespa overshadowing them somewhat!! And technically, JYPn aren't going to attempt to replace them until at least next year, sooooo at least we have until then..............🤭

    5. True very bad for JYPE trying to replace all their top groups w/copies of them while they're still each other's competition, but sadly nothing other companies haven't already tried to do despite it being extreeeeeemely stupid on their part (see SM).

    6. True, but ENHYPEN are still good, despite being extremely overhyped due to being BTS's little brothers + I-LAND.....they simply need to prove they DESERVE their hype (which they're doing slowly, with their extreme talent improvement + impeccable discography).

    7. Maybe Wendy didn't apologize bc SM didn't want to draw more attention to something that tbh, everybody does (see ubiquitous black ppl memes on the internet including "Ain't NOBODY got time for THAT!!!")? Anyway, they've obviously learned their lesson since then since SM ppl have apologized since then for saying the N-word since KPOP has become wayyy more international (whether said apologies were seen as adequate or sincere is another thing entirely).

    8. ABSOLUTELY 100% DUE TO MISOGYNY (internalized or otherwise). And Aespa's increased visibility due to their greater popularity amongst the general KPOP community (vs just boy group stans).

    9. Hey, only LALISA was terrible from BP solos!!! SOLO & especially On The Ground were both awesome and some of the best songs coming from YGE in a long time (honestly)!!!

    10. TBH, in addition to being because she 's Thai, I think Lisa is mistreated because YGE knows her insane international popularity + fame could perhaps overshadow BP's if not "properly contained" because she's the most popular + famous on a worldwide stage. Look at how Money already surpassed HYLT's overall streams in just a month or 2. Imagine if YG actually gave her as good if a title track as SOLO or On The Ground!

  • The worst thing in life is to not speak your own truth, or else someone will speak it for you. If I don't share my opinions, how will I ever unload my old messy thoughts so I can obtain new clear ones?

    Buddha said " Ego never accepts the Truth"tmp581135017590128640.jpg

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