Here we go again | TWICE JAPAN 9th Single 『Doughnut』 2021.12.15

  • twice are probably the most overworked artists ever in JYP :pepe-sad:

    let us gather around for the lord’s prayer:

    Nævis we love you. You are the one who protected me when i was in trouble. MY victory, one SYNK DIVE. I know your sacrifices. Let’s meet surely after the resurrection.



  • oh ok. A nice little Japanese ballad for the holidays. Doesn't look like it's gonna be a major promotion cycle, if any. I'm ready for more Twice. If they like it, I love it.

  • I foresee another stan12345 rant coming on :pepe-peek:

    Ranting on immediate future activities isn't really worth it. I'm just waiting for next year as something will change.

    I said this back in August and it still rings 99% true (a Japanese single instead of a repackage like Swing). Predictable chain of events.

    A retrospective view on it though - it always felt like Division 3 was stealing a living as lets be honest, as soon as the momentum for Cheer Up/TT disappeared and everything Twice touched didn't turn to gold (so they actually had to think and be creative), they couldn't deliver. But whoever manages them at Warner Japan is stealing a bigger one. At least JYPE actually chose to release Cheer Up which blew them up in SK and then TT which was a huge hit in Japan. They saw the gap in the market and went for it.

    Warner Japan on the other hand, literally started managing Twice after they had all the momentum from TT and rode on that for years. Twice's other big hit in Japan is also a Korean song in Feel Special, and now The Feels will probably outdo the Japanese songs as well.

    They clearly have this contract where they have to get x amount of physicals a year even if it's detrimental to the group in the long run and instead of actually growing the stature of the group/members there, they ask members to jump on projects to help other Warner Japan artists.

    I don't know how JYPE boy groups essentially get Sony Music yet Twice and now Itzy are stuck with Warner Japan.

  • Dang. It boggles my mind Twice is releasing so much music! Lucky fans. Look at blinks fighting for fashion show limelight :pepe-sad:

    sometimes I think YG and JYP made a sick deal when starting their new groups in thrid gen.. like a social experiement where the one works the group to death and the other just does nothing :pepenomad:

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