do they not have paparazzi in South Korea?

  • I know dispatch exists and to be fair this could be considered a good thing because western paparazzi were pretty brutal and inhumane back in the 2000s (e.g. what they did to Michael Jackson and Britney Spears), however we don't ever see candid shots of idols outside of official schedules (excluding fansites etc.) like we see of celebrities in the west... so why aren't there any paparazzi in sk?

  • Yeah they do, a lot of kpop idols have even been hit by cameras or recording equipment ( hopefully accidentally) there's a few videos on YouTube, looks very high stress


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  • A lot exist for bts. They always post videos and pics of non official schedules. Like they posted a video of bts rehearsing for the AMAs long before the actual award show; there was also footage of their photoshoot for a magazine which wasn't announced yet. You can tell it's not official because it's clear they're hiding in trees or behind cars in parking lots.

  • They probably do have them but when they have photos they just go to one or another label and probably get some money because of it, maybe even few idols get some scolding from CEO after he gets info they are dating

    but culture is different there, and even Dispatch said they won't reveal any idol couples anymore.

    Like I said multiple times, at least 50% of older idols are dating for sure, they are just smart about it, and with corona around they probably just sit in homes with their bf's.

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