My musical predictions

  • if there's a :borahae: next to it, it means it came true + an explanation of how it came true.

    if there's a </3 next to it, it means it did not come true + an explanation of how it did not come true.

    if there's a <3 next to it, it means it's partially true + an explanation of how it is partially true.

    these are all predictions I made on my instagram (@/dublinohvinylgirl) months ago- IN MAY/JUNE

    yes i'm posting this in the k-pop section bc some of the artists are k-pop so mods don't move this bc it will get less traction in the lounge lmao

    1. Olivia Rodrigo will be releasing again this year (the title will be SWEET and/or SALTY) </3

    2. G-IDLE will continue with their "I ...." releases (though I have doubts), but the comeback will be in early 2022 :borahae:

    3. Twice's new album is going to have a collab that features a Western artist <3 (R3hab)

    4. A smoking gun will be released about G-IDLE's Soojin, and her innocence will be proven

    5. Rosé will get another release this year, most likely a single, but there's a chance it won't be an official single and rather a promo </3

    6. Yeri will have a solo album

    7. Red Velvet's third full album will connect back to their Mystic Shop concept

    8. Twice is gonna have a repackage of TTL and that track will be better than the original title track </3

    9. Gfriend will return under a different name in 2022 <3 (Viviz)

    10. SZA will release the lead single for her album and announce the title this year

    11. Ariana Grande will have another collab coming out this year that will be on her next album

    12. Paramore is recording rn and will be back by either the last quarter of this year or one of the first two quarters of next year

    13. Billie's album will be a huge commercial success but one song will have people up in arms :borahae: (this came true, everyone HATED NDA but the album was still a smash hit)

    14. Britney Spears will return with a single and it will give us Blackout/Femme Fatale vibes

    15. Lana will surprise drop an album with all her new songs :borahae: (this came true, Blue Banisters was announced and is releasing soon)

    16. Selena Gomez's third album will be announced in late July/early August </3 (this did not come true, she still hasn't announced it)

    17. We're getting some singles from Halsey <3 (this came partially true, she released "i am not a woman, i am a god" but no other songs from her latest album have become singles)

    18. aespa will blow up on tiktok

    19. A Twice b-side from their new album will become more popular than the title track

    20. STAYC will become a national treasure

    21. An AOA member will go solo (singing)

    22. A boygroup (not BTS or EXO) is gonna suddenly disband and many people on here are gonna collapse into fits

    23. Itzy will have another comeback late December/early January

    24. We will get the Korean version of a Japanese song on Twice's new album (most likely Perfect World, Kura Kura, Strawberry Moon, or Fanfare)

    (so *good)

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