Have you ever used Korean skin care product or makeup?

  • I used somebymi snail truecica package and the saem moisturizer.

    For snail truecica, It doesn't really get rid of acne scars as claimed, but it does help disguise them. I feel like it makes my skin plumper. It also prevented me from getting new pimples even during my menstrual period. Pretty good imo.

    For the saem moisturizer, it's moisturize my skin well. I like it. I usually applying it a lot like a mask before I sleep. And I wake very satisfied cuz of the results.


    Seungcheol Jeonghan Jisoo Junhui Soonyoung Wonwoo Jihoon Myungho Mingyu Seokmin Seungkwan Hansol Chan

  • Yeah, I really like 3W Clinic Snail Mucus Sleeping Pack. I also use DAANDAN BIT Snail Eye Cream. Both are awesome.

    I definitely don't recommend the MediFlower Snow Sleeping Pack if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. It gave me terrible cystic acne and the product wasn't smooth at all. It honestly balled up into chunks when I was trying to rub it into my skin. I love the packaging and the look of the product itself because it actually looks like snow. I just tossed it in the garbage yesterday though because I was never going to finish using it.

    As far as makeup I've always liked Etude House and TonyMoly. TonyMoly also has really great hand creams.

  • For skincare I usually use soko glam neogen line. I use Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Wine, it's an exfoliator that I use twice a week. It remove's the dead skin cells and your skin glows after you use it. I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive skin. I also use laniege lip sleeping mask and mamonde that you can get from ulta.

  • Skincare yes, makeup no, maybe just some lip tint.

    In the past I used missha, laneige, skinfood, nature republic, benton, innisfree... etc.. Nowadays I’m more into the products that popular on Amazon or Reddit from brand like Purito, illiyoon, pyunkang yul, I’m from, etc

  • I am using the Laneige water sleeping mask 3-4 times a week. It's really good. It's effective and light. It doesn't feel overly sticky and doesn't take a long time to be absorbed/dry into the skin. I also have the day moisture cream but I don't like it as much because it's too thick & sits on my face too heavy for me.

  • A LOT. Pretty much everything well known. But I satisfied my curiosity and this phase is kinda over for me for one exception. I still think Koreans make the best BB creams and cushions.

    Generally K-beauty is good but no better than any other developed market.

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