[PANN] Hey ㅋㅋㅋ They're freaking good live

  • I'm a muggle who really likes Yoo heeyeol's sketchbook! (Muggle = someone who is non-KPOP fan)

    I even search for YHYS's videos on YouTube and a rookie is appearing this time? I watched their pre-release video because of the algorithm and turns out it's a group which name I have heard before (especially in Pann ㅋㅋ.. That group which will definitely get dislikes the moment they get a trending post)

    The number of members is not a joke and even though it's a raw live,

    They were so so good that I was so surprised

    They would harmonize and add their own effects? from time to time and they even added some adlibs but it was really good

    I thought about how they weren't from YG for nothing

    I will make sure to watch this coming episode of YHY's sketchbook. I feel like it'll be fun because there will be lots of cute moments from them since they're rookies


    group's name is TREASURE

    I recommend watching this to the Pann people who are not busy

    If you're going to say bad things, just write it on your diary and go away

    You can't drag them through their skills


    +Proof that I'm a muggle


    I only replied to the comment saying 'prove that you're a muggle' with 'OP' as my nickname. The rest is not me



    [+65, -2] Ah OP's muggle proof is freaking cool. I love you OP. Is Yoo Heeyeol your idol? Mr. Yoo Heeyeol will continue to be successful just like how he is right now

    [+56, -2] Wow thank you for looking at our kids' kindly ㅠㅠㅠ Touching. They filmed yesterday but the broadcast is already for Friday this week!!! If you also have time at that time, please watch TREASURE~!


    [+49, -2] Freaking like how all their adlibs are live

    [+28, -2] OP I'm sorry ㅠㅜㅜ Everytime, whenever an another-fan or a muggle writes about TREASURE, these proof-addicts always comeㅠㅜ Sorry ㅠ

    [+23, -2] Ah Why is it that when a post praising TREASURE trends, these people are so noisy about another-fan/muggle proof;ㅜ OP, thanks for uploading your proof in your post

    [+21, -21] like/dislike) OP, thank you so much for looking at TREASURE prettily. Accept my bow


    [+20, -0] I knew it was live right from the start with Bang Yedam

    [+20, -3] I came here after watching and TREASURE is no joke~ Their live is amazing~ They're didn't come from YG for nothing

    [+18, -2] Thanks ❤️ Please give lots of attention to TREASURE's Yoo Heeyeol's sketchbook episode Friday this week at 11pm ㅎㅎ


    [+17, -1] OP, this kind of post is like rain in a drought...❤️ You can just watch it and go but I'm so thankful you made time to write this post. All teumes are crying

    [+16, -3] I think I'll become a TREASURE fan as I use PANN

    [+13, -1] Some of them sound exactly as the CD version that it makes me confused. Freaking good

    [+13, -2] This kind of post is precious ㅠㅠㅠ I cried at the part where you said it's a group who will receive dislikes if their post trends.. My heart hurts seeing the kids gets cursed at for absolutely nothing but this post cheered me up ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The muggle proof below is so satisfying ㅋㅋㅋ OP, work on a flower road ( •̀.̫•́)✧

    [+13, -1] OP, flowers will bloom anywhere you go

    If it doesn't work, don't care and start again - Treasure

  • Treasure is really good live.

    I'm happy they are gaining recognition for their talents <3

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