No one can deny YG's favouritism now

  • I still can't believe op made a snarky comment about how Jennie would make a solo comeback using the money Lisa made for YGE. LMFAO

    Aside from the fact that's a dumbass argument (because 1- Jennie is very profitable and doesn't need charity from anyone, and 2- the money YGE makes off Lisa is YGE's money and they can spend it however they want because in case you forgot YGE and Lisa have a profit sharing contract), if you had any respect for Jennie you'd never say something like that. I can't believe there is apparently a debate about whether this person is an akgae or not, they obviously are, very much so lol.

    An absolute embarrassment lmao, even non-fans are aware of them not being a blink.

    Oh they removed the other members' badges! Well done "blinknation", yes own up to your solo stanning, now we wait for the change of the username and that profile picture.

  • True Lisa has been YGs favorite for the past few years.

    Jennie getting basically no promotion for her solo shows how much they favor lisa I guess.

    Fake ass blinks acting like Jennie had so much promo when she didnt.

    Jennie literally had a fucking photobook and one song with barely any promotion and people talking about favorites.

  • The only member who got decent promo is rosé and it’s what she deserves after they delayed her cb for years

    Jennie released solo with a Friday release with no promo in the west making sense ?/!/&@ plus she was the most hated member, and BP didn’t have a solid Korean fandom at that time so it was risky move from YG

    But I do agree YG doesn’t care about Lisa he saw rosé pulling 500k and he thought Lisa solo would be a great idea to milk since she is the most popular

    At the time Jennie was trending in Korea and literally did nothing?

    Disagree I think since they said all get solos they will just do it.. dont think he saw that and was like yeah lets now do a Lisa solo we never planned to ever do.

  • Nah Jennie has always been the favorite with her photo book , 1 song and barely any promo.

  • Plus compared to Jennie, Lisa had 10x better treatment. God I cant't bring myself to think about Jennie during 2017 and 2020. The hate, the negligence, the pains she had to go through back then is unacceptable.

    Rosie however had such a great solo debut, the most perfect so far, even compared to other artists in other labels. It was so satisfying to see her getting what she deserves (except for the fact that we only got 2 songs *cry*).

    Yep some people have forgotten the past honestly.

  • Just now you are? Shes been a Lisa ot1 for ages lmfao.

    Okay, yea she has been for ages, I forget not everyone has seen her antics yet.

    Jisoo Lisa GIFs | Tenor

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  • Because they play the victim and block whoever calls them out on their bs


    I think most blinks on here know they're an agkae

    I didn’t tbh. I assumed they were a blink, but I’m pretty confused ngl. I haven’t seen anything people have saying (them shading Jennie and etc), but I don’t really want to form an opinion unless I see those things for myself.

    ・❥・I think you’re pretty <3・❥・

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  • Because they are!!!!! And no single blink calls them out on that because they are biased as hell on this forum.

    I always doooo but then their OT1 fans swarm me and call me hater and anti etc..

    Okay, yea she has been for ages, I forget not everyone has seen her antics yet.

    Jisoo Lisa GIFs | Tenor

    I always do but no-one else did before I saw this thread tbh

    I’ve been doing research. Jennies promo was decent for the time and their popularity. What I don’t get is why rose got better treatment. She is not worthy. they are pushing so hard with her and she is like a pathetic Taylor swift wannabe

    This is some next nevel bullshit because at that time she was popular in Korea probs more so then the group.. variety calls from literally everywhere and Rose was worthy

    I don't know why people do this kind of thread comparing the members, It will always end up in borderline akgae behavior of some people pretending they really care about all the girls, but then dragging one or more of them indirectly. :pepestare:

    These people are akgae to begin with.

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    I love her alot has a amazing voice.

    And I agree op should stop claiming to be a blink. They are extremely biased. They always talk rubbish about jennie. Always attacking her. Blaming her.

    People actually waking up.. Nice to see.

    Kinda unrelated, but Jisoo needs a solo, the fandom and the rest of us act like she is straight up invisible every single day. LET JISOO SHOW HER TALENTS.

    She got alot of love in paris and im quite excited for her solo honestly.. probs the most because im not sure what she will bring.

    shes getting a drama with probably some OSTs very soon

    OSTS are not solos.

    The minute i saw the title of the thread and who was the op i feared of entering this thread...

    To op: op, i said so many times that our focus should be YGE, but why are you insisting on inserting the others pinks here? To compare what? Lisa solo promo was shit, but what the others have to do with it? Jennie had no promo, Rosé had good promo which i appreciate, Lisa promo was shit and in the end they all deserve way more. They literally deserve way more so let's stop comparing for the sake of indirectly shading a member as they are always ALWAYS happy with each other achievements!

    Back to the topic: Lisa solo promo is horrible, she has a bside that not even once she promoted and i refuse to believe "blinks" are ok with it or trying to find EXCUSES for YGE incompetence. Anyways, i hope BLACKPINK knows how special they are and that they deserve way more of what YGE is giving them.

    Dont you insert the other members?

    She got it because her Korean popularity is insane so why shouldnt she get offers? Alot more offers came after that and she was turning into a Variety person and they sabotaged it.

  • I genuinely love that you just replied to like everyone in one comment ^^

  • They are 100% serious, and you are on the same page as them as well so it's not like you woud understand.

    I wonder if they'd take the "joke" the same way if it was the other way around. Something like that. especially in a thread like this, really showed their true colours.

  • I noticed, including OP. I don't know If they think they are fooling someone :pepestare:

    I mean glad they are exposed here and some other fake people in this thread who claim to be blinks when they only ever speak about one member.

    All of the members deserve better and YG is sexist as hell anyone whose been into KPOP for years knows YG has treated female artists like shit which is why they leave fast and the males dont.

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