[NBUZZ] BTS fan merchandise store hit with complaints over quality issues

  • BTS fan merchandise store hit with complaints over quality issues



    Article: Shopping mall with exclusive sale of 'BTS fan merchandise' issued consumer caution due to complaints

    Source: Segye Ilbo via Naver

    1. [+405, -3] What is BTS' agency doing about this? Their artist has an image to keep up, they should be managing this more thoroughly

    2. [+199, -2] It's about time this blew up. I bought the merch because it was exclusive to this shopping mall without realizing how terrible the customer service is. Fans have been staying quiet all this time because they've been refusing to listen to our complaints and we basically gave up. Big Hit only responds once the media picks up on it like this... They never listen to their fans but are always talking about "communication"..

    3. [+87, -5] That's what they get for trying to upsell cheap products, tsk tsk. I wouldn't mind if they were trying to upsell quality, expensive products.

    4. [+64, -0] You'll ruin yourself if you try to upsell cheap Chinese products like this

    5. [+27, -11] The big 3 are the big 3 for a reason..

    6. [+18, -2] Big Hit, you're really testing us. You think Armies will stand by you forever?

    7. [+14, -0] Please stop tainting the image that BTS worked so hard to build, stop with the cheap businesses like this..

    8. [+14, -0] It's obvious that the only focus here is on making money. Are they even manufacturing the products after we pay? There are a lot of delivery issues as well.

    9. [+12, -2] Big Hit would be nothing without BTS

    10. [+10, -0] If you receive a product with scratch marks like that on the face, don't bother with asking for an exchange ㅋㅋㅋ not only will they not grant you an exchange, you'll just be wasting your time and finger energy asking for it ㅋㅋ I'm surprised that this is only coming to light now when they've been selling poorly manufactured products at expensive prices by riding on BTS' name

    11. [+9, -0] The products are terrible and Big Hit is not handling this the proper way. Big Hit is just tainting BTS' image and seeing us Armies as fools to con.

    12. [+6, -0] I know a kid in junior high who skipped dinner at her after school academy to save her allowance money just to barely be able to afford one piece of merch and it ended up being defected. She's been trying to get it exchanged for seven months now.. Sure, I understand that working folks have all the time to wait around for a refund but please don't do this to little kids.

    13. [+7, -2] There are a lot of problems with Big Hit merchandise.. it's going to be a while for them to ever catch up to the quality of bigger agencies.. ㅎㅎ

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  • OP, what are you doing!!!

    How about doing whole research & made a complete article?! But I think for that you need education...

    Where is the part where Big Hit officially apologised for all these mismanagement & told that they would try their best to fix these problem as soon as possible?

    Are you scared that you will not get proper clout if you display the entire truth?

    Nicr try but went on vain.. :danceb:

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