anyone else stan their ults from a distance?

  • kpop promotes parasocial relationships between fans and idols to increase profit so it's understandable that many people have formed a personal bond/attachment to their ults but is anyone else like me and just completely emotionally not invested?
    my ults are tbz and nct, I watch their content/interviews/performances, they're super talented and likeable people but there is nothing more beyond that for me. I'm strictly here for the music, memes and aesthetics. basically I'm a deobi and nctzen but from a distance lol
    anyone else feel the same way towards their ults?

  • Agree.
    Like i've said before. It's entertainment. It is music firstly, but they also give you variety and other content to enjoy, lift up your mood, relax, makes you think about different kind of things, to forget about stress for a moment maybe.

    I like, admire, support artists because of their music, talent, performances they put out, their personalities are what makes it enjoyable.

    That is also why i don't like to use the word 'stan'. The description says: an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.

    And hello fellow The Boyz supporter, nice to see The Boyz's fan to have similar thoughts :D

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