Heo Yijae seemingly confirms that netizens guessed the actor who TW Warning sexually harassed her correctly

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    1. [+2,859, -66] The last thing Heo Yi-jae's said was, "I was afraid and read each comment but it was healing. He's a male actor who goes up and down the most among netizens...You know who I'm talking about right?"
    2. [+1,566, -28] So just because he said it's not him then he's not male actor Aㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    3. [+1,228, -37] ?? When did actor A say no? Keep your mouth shut if you don't know anything. It's just his fan club losing its mentals. Write the article correctly!
    4. [+845, -2] She must've really suffered. And the female senior who dragged by the hair and did "gapjil"? Then her male seniors...hul. It's all too much. I don't know how anyone could endure all that. Whoever it is, he needs to get punished!!
    5. [+704, -126] It's probably because she'll get sued under defamation law as a retired actor if she reveals his real name..
    6. [+313, -5] Isn't it because it's really married actor Oh that did itㅋㅋ? That's why she's keeping quiet. If it really wasn't him, she would've said otherwise...
    7. [+313. -12] Yi Jae-ah, good job! These things have to be done continuously. Stay strong!
    8. [+241, -10] This is a violent criminal that constantly made sexual demands of his co-star. If you keep asking her to reveal his name, the victim will end up the perpetrator. How is that justice?
    9. [+56, -2] He'll deny it...I just know it. He's human trash that crawled back out even on golf varieties. Ban all his appearances on TV!!
  • Actor Oh Jiho

    Oh J*ho

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. I hope this is a big deal cuz that entitled hag don't deserve a career after the shit he pulled.

    Ice-like eyes, breaking me in two

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