Knowledge (Part 2)

  • In part one we discussed what knowledge is and what ought to be know

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    I wanted to do part 2 on the consequences of a lack of knowledge but this came up in my head so I thought I'd start with this first so

    In part two we'll discuss our own lack of knowledge and later if when I have the time we'll discuss the consequences of the lack of knowledge in part 3

    There is no one that will ever achieve total knowledge and there is never someone without any knowledge at all.

    The question I pose is what do we do about our own lack of knowledge?

    This issues comes before the issue I plan to discuss in Part 3 purely because one can only control one's own actions, you cannot dictate what other people do or say. You can convince, bribe, threaten, persuade, argue, beg, demand another change their actions but nothing is guaranteed to work unless that person willingly choose to change themselves.

    So what do you we do about our own lack of knowledge - the first step is to always is to realize that we truly know nothing. As Ygritte always says " you know nothing Jon Snow" - we also know nothing and in fact the more we believe we know about something the more dangerous it becomes because we can become complacent in such knowledge and deflect/defer all other information believing that we know everything.

    When we can admit to ourselves - not to others but to ourselves that yes in this topic that I might not know everything is the first step to knowledge enlightenment. This is because one can then understand that our knowledge is deficient and others can provide information to fill in those gaps that we are missing - obviously not everyone else will also have knowledge on the subject or even the correct knowledge but at least we can use our thoughts to determine how new information fits in with our existing knowledge base without dismissing others as simply wrong.

    Step two is then to increase our knowledge of the topic by listening to others opinions, challenging them, asking questions, thinking and listening as oppose to talking. There is no Kpop bible or Dummies guide to Kpop (someone should write one though) - that's why a lot of times when we learn about kpop through others. People seem more conducive to helping you if you state I don't know much about this topic would you share your thoughts as oppose to you're wrong I'm right. Again it doesn't mean that they are also necessarily right all the time but it's always a good starting point for discussion. Again just as we can't change other's actions or opinions others can't change ours - we must do that ourselves.

    BUT selfmate you might ask this is all well and good in an ideal fantasy fairy world where the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus dance to Gangnam Style but this MF AKP where half the people are trolls, the other half are troglodytes who probably don't even know what a troglodyte is...

    Well again we cannot control the actions of others - if one cannot engaging in a meaningful discussion on a topic without resorting to insults, derogatory terms or worse then it may be a good point to disengage and come back another time. If someone is not willing to engage then we shouldn't sink down to their level because there's nothing to be gained by it besides hurt feelings and anger on both sides - it might be better to acknowledge differences and walk away.

    I don't know about others but one of the truly special moments for me is when someone challenges my believes and opinions which causes me to reflect on my own knowledge and the lack thereof - the EUREKA moment when you go " huh this guys has a point" and you're left standing there pondering nodding your head thinking intensely on what was just said...

  • Again, you talked about a lot of things i like to bother people around me with. Nicely put together.

    Also appreciate your Ygritte metaphor :D

    btw have you really planed to say this in advance or did my comment inspired this text :D (i know i said something similar, but in way shorter version somewhere)

    Well knowledge is certainly an constant growth, as soon as we realize that and allow ourselves to grow, the more accepting we become. Accepting of others, their opinions, of ourselves... More hapiness, less bitterness. It's not about searching for right or wrong, there is never an ending to than. But constant thinking, discussions and challenging ourselves.

    Also something i would like to add: it's good to realize that every single person you encounter in your life has their own struggles, thousands of stories, experiences and even if you feel like you are sooo much smarter and more intellegent than them, they know a lot of things you don't have any idea about. We should all bear this in our minds when we meet people, maybe we would respect and listen to each other more.

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