What is your definition of a national hit? Use songs as example.

  • Response threads are allowed now btw.. before i get reported lol.

    I was reading this thread

    And i realize we all have different meaning of the word national hit. So lets try and come to a common ground.

    For me?


    In that order.

    I don't think songs with huge numbers over long period of time is a national hit. I think songs that reach number 1 for a long time, or have an extreme dominance in the industry are a national hit.

    Examples? Cheer up. Rough. Ganganm style. Gee. Dudududu dynamite boy with luv.

    I think all of these in their time were the most dominant impactful songs out, and are iconic and have legacy which will carry on years after. Hence the 'national' title.... nation wide song.

    I dont believe songs like omg nonstop or lsg are the definition of national hit. They have longevity only. Which isnt enough in my eyes. Impact is equally important to me...you know an iconic song when you hear it.... cheer up and rough definitely.

    What do you think?? What's your view on a NH?

  • My fav’s hit songs. Any hit song from my fav will automatically be a national hit i don’t care what you say. Example : MGT and Rough, Roly Poly and Bo Peep Bo Peep

    And if the songs aren’t from my fav groups, it should be a song that i like. If i don’t like it then no national hit title. Certification is by me and me only. Example (from my non fav group) : I like cheer up then yes it’s a national hit. I don’t like TT so no matter how you convinced me I won’t still consider it a national hit

  • Love Scenario was the last national hit

    been a kpop fan for too long

    only the songs in the highest tier in terms of impact i have seen over all these years are what i would classify as national hits

    to give some older examples : Lies, Tell Me, Nobody, Gee, maybe Heartbeat, Bad Girl Good Girl, Roly Poly, Growl, Cheer Up, maybe TT, maybe Red Flavor, etc

    basically songs that everyone knows and likes but not just that, those songs impact the career of the groups too

  • My fav’s hit songs. Any hit song from my fav will automatically be a national hit i don’t care what you say

    And if the songs aren’t from my fav groups, it should be a song that i like. If i don’t like it then no national hit title. Certification is by me and me only


    Guys every time we discuss what song is a national hit remember to tag ryu-yamaguchi cause only they know what is a NH.

    Got it?

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  • I'll actually respond to your thread instead of just saying XYZ song is a NH...

    How does one determine those three things you've mentioned

    is it an objective method

    How does one determine Impact? does it mean all GP knows or has heard it? does it mean awards shows? is it daseng or else? does it mean something else

    How does one determine Dominance? does it have to PAK? what about RAK or CAK or another metric?

    What do we use to measure longevity? is the overall ULs? continuous high charting?

  • yeah, i don't think it's just based off of numbers.

    twice cheer up, exo growl, bts spring day, bp d4, ikon love scenario

    these are songs that were everywhere in korea and constantly talked about, sung, and had some sort of significance when it was released - and something for k-fans to decide not i-fans

  • gee for example

    everyone knows it

    cheer up


    things like that

    lovesick girls is a big hit don't know if it's national

    but it has one of the biggest longetivity on the charts

  • If a song has low streams and low ULs it isnt a national hit....I mean if the nation was listening it wouldnt that be reflected in the numbers?

    I mean afterall isnt that in the name? National? A lot of people playing the song, bopping to it and huge noticeable impact.

    You have ro be able to hold the song up and say ballpark this song os as big as Roly Poly, Cheer Up, Love Scenario, Dynamite, Gee, Ddu du ddu du, Rough, Tell Me, etc, etc in some way if you cant put them on that level well then they are just hit songs, not national songs.

  • Apart from those 3 I would also add spread among GP. usually shown through Gallup. "National" means something that breaks kpop/melon barrier and even people who don't usually listen kpop will hear about the song and even listen to it. Also being used in k-dramas or during cultural events shows the status of that song.

    Melon Top10 after chart reform doesn't count for national hits. The ULs are lower than ever and the competition is really low these days. Melon lost like 1/3 of their base in the recent years, you can't compare the impact of Melon chart with 4 years ago. Melon just isn't enough for national hit. 200k ULs keeping a song in top10 is far from "national". Nobody in SK actually cares if a song stays at middle of top10 for some months.

  • Not specific to K-pop, I would say it's a song that is played everywhere and everybody knows. Example: Good Day, Gangnam Style.

  • I just go with my gut mostly lol

    Domiance tho.. is charting number 1 yeah.

    Longevity is staying in top 5 imo.

  • Overall impact in sales and streams / digital index / cumulative ULs. It doesnt matter if it was a viral song that quickly became irrlevant or it was a song loved by GP in long term, it can be compared by cumulative numbers.

    Impact - the only relevant measure is Gallup, everything else is biased

    Longevity - at least charting on yearly charts on 2 years and ranking on Gallup after release year, everything else is not noteworthy longevity

    Biggest 3rd gen national hit is Spring Day and I dont even know why people argue about it.

    "National hit" is a stupid term anyway, when half of the people are talking about viral hits and the other half is talking about songs which are remembered to and listened to for years.

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