Sideshow Announces Licensing Partnership with Grammy-Nominated Group BTS

  • California-based collectibles company Sideshow is renowned for its ultra-high-end, limited edition, and highly collectible statues, figures, and fine art prints.

    Whether creating 2D and 3D works of art inspired by classic comic book superheroes or icons from the worlds of movies, TV, or video games, they have spent the last 26 years building a reputation for incredible quality, realism, and detail.

    Now, in 2021, Sideshow has announced an exciting new collaboration with Grammy-nominated group BTS.

    Sideshow Development Executive, Anna Van Slee, said:

    BTS and their music are enjoyed by many of our artists and staff – so it was inspiring and rewarding for our team to work on these collectibles.

    We are very excited to bring all of the intricacy, artistry, and attention to detail that Sideshow is known for, and to apply it to an exciting new range of licensed BTS products. We’re very proud of these new Fine Art Prints and Deluxe Statues, and we can’t wait to share them with the world!

    A wealth of new collector’s items will be coming in the near future, as Sideshow has announced that they will be unveiling multiple limited-edition licensed products celebrating the global superstars, including:

    • A line of ultra-detailed Deluxe Statues (teased in a silhouette image above)
    • A highly collectible statue inspired by the iconic BTS Logo
    • Several luxury Fine Art Prints available in a variety of sizes and formats

    We will have to wait a little longer to see the full line-up of BTS collectibles, with more reveals promised for later in 2021, but in the meantime, Sideshow is encouraging collectors to RSVP to get the very latest updates and first look as more info is released.

    So more merch, but I love how this could be a whole new trend for headlines!

    Goodbye "kpop sensation", welcome "Grammy nominated group"! :claps:

  • Now thats sexy!!!!

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