Stop stanning Boy Groups! How to convert to a girl group stan; A 7 step informative thread

  • Step 1: Find a reason to convert :danceb:

    It would be a waste to convert if you aren’t actually interested in girl groups. So, find a girl group you might be interested in, with music or anything else. If you already stan girl groups, then choose one to become a big fan of! Girl groups have amazing music so it shouldn’t be hard to find one! Being a girl group stan also has many benefits including:

    • Not as many headaches
    • More time for activities you enjoy
    • Happiness
    • A wonderful fandom to be there for you

    These are just a few of the benefits to being a girl group stan! Many of these benefits you can only gain while being a girl group stan, and it doesn’t hurt to convert so what's stopping you!

    Step 2: Find a reason to drop your boy groups :whatb:

    You must also find a reason to drop your boy groups, whether it be because they’re too problematic, don’t make good music, because you don’t want to be associated with them, etc.

    It’s okay if you just don’t like them anymore, that is a completely valid reason!

    Step 3: Begin ulting a girl group :claps:

    Now that you have found a reason, it is time to start working towards your goal! With the girl group you chose earlier, begin to ult them! A recommendation for when you stan a new group is to first learn their names, then watch reality shows about them to know their personalities! You can start streaming their music, buy their albums, vote for them on shows, make posts about them, watch their videos, etc! There are so many new things you can do when you stan girl groups! Here is a list of recommended girl groups to stan:

    And more! If you’d like me to recommend you more girl groups then please leave a comment below specifying what you're looking for and I will try to answer you as soon as possible! :)

    Step 4: Start adding more girl groups :groovins:

    You can’t be a girl group stan if you only stan 1 girl group! So, find some others to stan/support! Find new music and concepts you might like, like girl crush, cute, mystical, etc. There are so many girl groups you can support, so I’m sure you’ll soon find the right ones for you!

    Step 5: Dropping the boy groups :crys:

    It will be hard, but you can do it! Slowly stop interacting with the boy groups you once loved so much. If you sometimes go back to the boy groups then it's okay! You are here to change, and that is incredible already! I want to let you know that you’ve got this! Try distracting yourself with reality shows of the girl groups you are ulting, or making edits for them!

    Step 6: Resist temptation :mads:

    I know it is tempting to go back to stanning boy groups because, well I’m not sure, but stanning girl groups will be much easier for you mentally and physically! You can still listen to boy group music as a girl group stan of course, so there isn’t much you’ll be missing! Girl groups are the whole package and more! So, ignore these deceiving temptations trying to get you to go back to the low life! If you are unable to resist the temptation, it's ok! Change can take time for people, and that's totally normal! Don’t stress and try your best!

    Step 7: Enjoy yourself!

    Now, you’re a full-fledged girl group stan! It feels great, doesn’t it? GIrl groups make amazing music and are amazing people! I hope this thread has helped inform you more about how to be a girl group stan and what it is to be a girl group stan! :iloveyoub:

  • So, ignore these deceiving temptations trying to get you to go back to the low life! If you are unable to resist the temptation, it's ok! Change can take time for people, and that's totally normal! Don’t stress and try your best!

    Dead  :cryingr:I want a GG that is like Gfriend anything similar ??

    Hello! I know 5 member girl group SATURDAY is a great one to stan! The members are really the cutest, I think you'd enjoy stanning them :)

  • thank you queen and YES stan Saturday

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  • nice thread. Your tips are pretty good. I'll take them into consideration ;)

    stanning only one boy group was such a headache for me, idk how people stan multiple bgs? i would probably go :pepe-life-support:

    <3 Jungkook  <3


  • Aaaaaand I'm hooked. What a bop, how are they not huge.

    my favorite of their title tracks are what, piri, scream, and boca

    (along with deja vu but it’s for a game so idk if it counts)

    and some of their amazing recent b-sides are poison love (just dropped), red sun, sahara, and black or white

    here’s some links for you

  • It would take major psychic reprogramming, as switching from baritones/contraltos to sopranos is extremely difficult. If contraltos were an allowed range in the Kpop industry, it might be a little easier.

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