Strange Kpop Dreams?

  • What has been the strangest kpop related dream/nightmare you've ever had?

    Mine has to be when I was Ten (of NCT/Wayv) and I was spending the night at a Home Depot. Someone told me if I did these random acts someone would kill me. Being Ten, I decided to be reckless, perform the acts, and someone stabbed me like 20 times ^^

    Wasn't fun.

    What about you?


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  • I've only had one kpop related dream so far and I don't even remember it clearly lol. So basically in the dream, I think my mother, my brother and I were reading this textbook thing and we could see some of the text happening (like a video, expect it was in our heads). One of them randomly was about Baekhyun in his school days and I particularly remember this scene where he was flirting with a girl (who later apparently became his girlfriend) and in the dream I was sorta laughing and thinking of what the reaction of delusional fans (who think their faves don't date or haven't dated) would be. idk it wasn't that strange ig but it was the only kpop related dream I had lol

  • I had a dream once. Its a delusional one, but who am I to control my dreams. LOL.

    Its everybodys dream "dream". Get it?

    So basically, it was a dream where all of the BP members were already my friend or someone I know. But I never met them as a group. The twist is, everytime I meet any one of them. They became my girlfriend. Like WTH? The worst part is, I woke up when Rose was my GF. Fyi, she is my bias.

    And I think thats gonna be my last.

    I know, Im delusional. :clown:

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