[UPDATED 21.10.20] The Official Limited Badge Master Page: Rules, Schedule & Archive

  • Last Updated October 20, 2021. Updates denoted by >>>.


    Officially, as of September 2021, allkpop will be moving to a hybrid model limited badge format driven mostly by petitions.

    Petitions will compete to gain acceptance by generating the most backers. The two limited badge petitions with the most backers will be guaranteed acceptance per month. At the discretion of staff, there may be limited badge events held outside of these winning petitions as time permits, but the winning petitions will be given priority.

    Those that want to start a petition for acceptance must create a thread in the Badges section, tag Ves, ripia and Ibby and add a poll in their OP. Participants must be publicized and the poll will consist of one option (worded however you like) that users can select to back the petition.

    You may restart petitions as many times as required as long as the meets eligibility criteria.

    NOTE: Rules are always subject to change. The last updated date will indicate rule changes.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • "Backing" is not binding, no purchase necessary.
    • Petition must reach or exceed at least 20 backers to be accepted.
    • Every month, the two petitions with the most backers are guaranteed limited badges!
    • Even if you do not believe your petition will win, it helps staff gauge the level of interest for any extras we find the time to do each month, so we always encourage you to to make one.

    STEP :

    Pinpoint an eligible event

    • The milestone must have occurred within the previous 6 months.
    • Suggestions welcome, but amount & content of badges will be decided by staff.
    • Suggestions can range from general descriptions of what you hope to see (good) to providing links to specific gifs of animation you'd like to see (better).

    STEP :

    Make the petition!

    • Create a thread in the Badges section, tagging Ves, ripia and Ibby.
    • First post must contain a 1 option poll for backers to indicate that they will back it.
    • The poll must publicize users.

    Winners will be decided at the end of each month. The limited badge events will be held the next month after that - it'll be fun to see which of the two actually get the most buyers in the end!

    Ok, got all that? Wonderful, and may the odds be ever in your favor!



    Rosé solo:

    trophyImage-573.gif trophyImage-574.gif

    IU Lilac:

    trophyImage-612.gif trophyImage-613.gif

    BTS Grammy Performance:

    trophyImage-589.gif trophyImage-590.gif

    Baekhyun Bambi:

    trophyImage-614.gif trophyImage-615.gif

    NCT Dream Hot Sauce & Dive Into You:

    trophyImage-695.gif trophyImage-698.gif

    AESPA Next Level:

    trophyImage-707.gif trophyImage-706.gif

    BTS Butter:

    trophyImage-709.gif trophyImage-710.gif trophyImage-711.gif

    EXO Don't Fight The Feeling:

    trophyImage-748.gif trophyImage-749.gif trophyImage-750.gif trophyImage-751.gif trophyImage-752.gif trophyImage-753.gif

    trophyImage-754.gif trophyImage-755.gif

    Twice Alcohol Free:

    trophyImage-762.gif trophyImage-763.gif trophyImage-764.gif trophyImage-765.gif trophyImage-766.gif trophyImage-767.gif trophyImage-768.gif trophyImage-769.gif trophyImage-772.gif trophyImage-773.gif

    TXT Freeze:

    trophyImage-714.gif trophyImage-715.gif

    Oh My Girl Dun Dun Dance:


    Baekhyun Get You Alone:


    Twice Perfect World:


    BTS Permission to Dance:


    D.O. Empathy:

    trophyImage-844.gif trophyImage-845.gif

    Taeyeon Weekend:


    Red Velvet Queendom:

    trophyImage-874.gif trophyImage-875.gif trophyImage-876.gif trophyImage-877.gif trophyImage-878.gif trophyImage-879.gif

    Stray Kids Thunderous:





    trophyImage-897.gif trophyImage-898.gif trophyImage-899.gif

    NCT Sticker

    trophyImage-941.gif trophyImage-942.gif trophyImage-943.gif trophyImage-944.gif trophyImage-945.gif trophyImage-952.gif trophyImage-946.gif trophyImage-947.gif trophyImage-948.gif trophyImage-949.gif trophyImage-950.gif trophyImage-951.gif

    Itzy Loco

    trophyImage-1007.gif trophyImage-1008.gif trophyImage-1009.gif trophyImage-1010.gif trophyImage-1011.gif trophyImage-1012.gif

    BTS X Coldplay My Universe

    trophyImage-1061.gif trophyImage-1062.gif

    Twice The Feels

    trophyImage-1110.gif trophyImage-1109.gif trophyImage-1108.gif trophyImage-1107.gif trophyImage-1106.gif trophyImage-1105.gif  trophyImage-1104.gif trophyImage-1111.gif trophyImage-1102.gif trophyImage-1101.gif

  • Shouldn't the winners be the ones with the most buyers instead of the ones with the most voters? But that would require refunding the ones that lost.

  • Voters as in willing to buy. We wont count spam votes from users not actually planning to buy it.

    How are you going to make the distinction?

  • How are you going to make the distinction?

    If they have akorns or have a way to get the akorns.

    For the most part there will probably be a clear winner but if its tough we'll get each to state how they'll buy it.

    Petitions before were different because they were restricted to voters for this its more what everyone wants in general and the event will be open to everyone to buy.

  • Shouldn't the winners be the ones with the most buyers instead of the ones with the most voters? But that would require refunding the ones that lost.

    Then you see the issue!

    Honestly, everyone, this went through a lot of thought and revision. We initially introduced petitions because we understood there were probably some milestones we missed that a lot of users would have loved. But it turns out that there were more than we expected and to be frank, I can't spend my life making only badges. I have a site maintain, new features to implement, AllKill to keep up, a day job and hopefully still some time for the little things in life.

    This move may not be popular from what we came from, but we had to think of a way to limit these, but still tried to give most people what they wanted.

    Rules are always subject to change and I invite everybody to make (reasonable) suggestions. We're here to listen! This is a popular feature, I do enjoy it and we definitely don't want it to go away, but we need to strike a balance - and this was our attempt at it.

  • It is not possible for us (the ones interested in a limited badge, considering we are enough, for which you could establish a minimum) to make the badge ourselves following some guidelines you can provide? Then we can submit our bagde suggestion and then you will just have to accept it or decline it, offering the reasons why it was declined so we can work it over.

    The work you have been doing with the badges until now is incredible and I know it must take a lot of time and that you also have real life resposibilities and the right to enjoy your free time, but some of us might have to say goodbye to limited badges altogether and in a way it doesn't seem fair.


    Anyway, I appreciate your hard work :pepelove1:

  • I second this. I definitely don't want to add on to the work load, but it is depressing knowing we don't stand a chance against other artists that are more popular on akp :peperain:

  • I second this, letting us make badges = us spending more akorns, there's nothing else for us to spend akorns on. :pepe-sad:

  • I really think CITY had a great suggestion here.

    Fundamentally, I think we all recognize that there are too many cbs and special events for one person to try and manage, Ves! But I think we can "share" the workload and keep everyone active and engaged. People still love to chat and submit Lexicons and do all the things to try and collect akorns for special badges. I really like the idea of two tiers - user-created badges that are staff reviewed and special ones that you make.

    City's idea is smarter than mine because it really creates an additional badge making economy.

  • I think letting users make their own badge if it follows the guideline would be a good idea too and go back to the old system!

    That way they would still need 15 people to physically buy the petition but you guys wouldn’t have to worry about making it!

    It will also allow the users buying to decide how they want the badge look collectively! <3

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