Jdrama with JPop-idols as actor/actress?

  • Name me any J-drama you have in your mind where a JPop-idol or artist acted in.

    I begin:

    • All the "High & Low" - movies contain out of a lot LDH-artists mainly of the boygroup EXILE TRIBE
    • "M Aisubeki Hito ga Ite" - The main actress was Kalen Anzai and a secendary main-role was played by Alan Shirahama from the boygroups GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE / EXILE. A few other JPop-artists as for example the group lol had cameos
    • "Sensei, don't you know?" - One of the side-characters was played by Tsuyoshi Furukawa from the boygroup SUPER DRAGON
    • Naoya Kusakawa from the boygroup ONE N' ONLY played the main actor in a drama called "His", he also had smaller roles in "High & Low" and "FAKE MOTION"
    • Dean Fujioka is an actor and vocalist who worked in a lot different dramas and movies. Before his release of the famous "Yuri on ice"-opening Dean was mainly known as actor only

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