Somi is the least productive idol ever

  • I love Somi, but let's be real. She has released 3 songs over the 27 months since she joined The Black Label. It sounds like she'll release an album soon, but she is probably the least productive idol ever, literally.

    I think the problem is that Somi wants to be involved in writing all her songs (Somi has writing credits on all of her songs), but she is a young amateur at writing, so it is taking a long time for her to make enough songs for an album that meet Teddy's high standards -- even with TBL producers' help (maybe it took so long for BP solos for a similar reason). Also, because Somi is spending more time on writing than a normal young idol she doesn't have as much time to produce other content. So we end up getting much less content from her.

    It is probably good for her in the long run to gain writing experience now, but she is slowly losing fans due to her very low activity (it's actually impressive how large her fan base still is, considering her low activity). Maybe it would be better for her to write less songs at first (maybe 30-50%), and then slowly increase her writing contributions as she gains more experience.

    Or maybe she'll release a full album (12 songs) within the next few months, making her song output about average for young solos (5-6 per year). More realistically, her upcoming album is probably a 6 song EP, counting WYWF.

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  • See the problem is that Somi has so much potential.

    She won produce 101 went on to become the Nation's Centre, she's JYP's darling (well at least for sometime), debut in two other idol groups/variety groups then....three songs in 27 months.

    The issue is she came from such great heights. She was at the very top then slowly losing interest little by little...

    But 2021 is a new year and I'm sure she'll comeback stronger than ever.

  • Honestly, Teddy standard's might be too high for her writing skill

    I mean, he can just let some of her written songs as b-sides, but NO everything single thing must pass his standard and I found that quite meh

    3 songs for 2 years, one EP with two songs and one single album


  • I understand your point but she’s under YG and that company is literally known for keeping their artists(esp. the female ones) in their dungeon for a long time

    3 songs in 27 months is very low even for YG/Teddy.

    yeah I still believe she would have done much better in a group.

    Somi wouldn't be able to write much in a group. Maybe one song per album. I do think it's good for her to learn to write now, I just think a compromise is necessary for her to increase her output to a normal amount.

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  • Playing devils advocate, if Somi gets just one hit she'll get all the fans she lost back plus many new fans. Teddy's strategy seems to be focused on only releasing songs that could be hits because of this. Realistically, Somi is losing fans slowly enough that she could not have a hit for 2-3 more years and still be fine, even at her current low activity levels, so Teddy is probably not too concerned yet.

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  • I actually agree. It seems like she's just a "socialite/influencer" now. It might be YG/TBL's fault because they love putting their female idols on hiatus so they can make them money through brand deals, but I feel like Somi's passion for being an idol isn't there anymore.

    I don't know her in real life, obviously but I feel like even though she said that she wanted more creative freedom, she isn't really showing that she wants to be a serious artist.

    I wonder if she regrets leaving JYP and ITZY?

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