Netizens speculate about iKON's inevitable disbandment + Fans express anger and shock & begin selling off merchandise

  • Article: iKON's Bobby suddenly became a married man → father...says "I'm sorry" but... 

    Source: Xports News

    Article discusses divided fans' opinions over iKON Bobby's news of marriage and pregnancy.

    Despite Bobby writing in handwritten letter to fans on the 20th that he was "worried" and it was a "heavy burden on his heart" and felt "heavy responsibility," fans responded with great shock over the news, and while some supported him, other's stated that "it was embarrassing."

    Fans are showing cold reactions to the news with some writing, "you only worry about yourself until the end," "I can't believe you were already a dad when you appeared on Kingdom."

    Other fans called him a "sell out" and "shameless" for insisting to promote with the group.


    1. [+2,957, -19] From Bobby to Obby [abi = father]
    2. [+1,456, -41] iKON is definitely headed for disbandment ㅋㅋㅋ. The group was barely being held up by Bobby and B.I but then B.I got caught with drugs and now Bobby is getting married? On top of that, it's premarital pregnancyㅋㅋ ㅋㅋ. And he hid the fact that he had a girlfriend when he appeared on Kingdom and fooled his fansㅋㅋ they're done..
    3. [+1,217, -31] You really never know how life will turn out. When Bobby came out on Show Me the Money and performed like a fish in water, I honestly thought he would be the next GD. But now seeing someone destined for greatness turn out like this...
    4. [+387, -7] He's a 100x better than someone that forces their secret girlfriend to abort their baby and files a lawsuit against her in court..
    5. [+251, -16] It's overㅋㅋ. B.I and Bobby were the most popular members in iKON too. The remaining members need to figure out how to survive on their own now.
    6. [+85, -6] I remember when I first saw A team and B team on WIN. I could tell B team was more talented and bound to do better than WINNER, but who knew that its actually iKON that can barely hold it together because of the members and their popularity is nonexistent..
    7. [+68, -5] Daebak ㅁ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ . When it was announced iKON would be participating on 'Kingdom,' I really thought this would be fresh start for them but he was a baby daddy? The fans will get over it but this is game over for iKONㅋㅋㅋ
    8. [+49, -0] Eun Ji-won hit the ground running and Bobby hit a home-runㅎ. YG is amazing.
    9. [+48, -4] One word that describes everything wrong with YG
    10. [+30, -0] iKON is over. There's no reason for YG to keep dragging this out anymore..

    Fans are in shock over his news and although there are fans cheering for him, most fans are sharing great disappointment over the news.

    Idols build their popularity based on the feelings of "similar love" with fans and are able to accumulate enormous wealth because of the fans. Of course idols are human too but they are required to show an attitude that is considerate of fans who are willing to spend money and time to stream their music.

    However, news that Bobby who never even revealed he had a girlfriend, suddenly announced that he's getting married and becoming a father within a month, are of course of great shock to fans. Fans wrote, "how could he just tell us he's getting married and in the next breath reveal his girlfriend is going to give birth in less than a month??"

    Moreover, during live broadcast of Wavve's original program that day titled, 'iKON of Taste: One Summer Night', Bobby showed a playful side as usual so the fans' shock was even greater.

    The reason why fans are even more frustrated is because iKON is struggling to recover after B.I left in June 2019. Although B.I apologized and withdrew from the group, his departure led to iKON's crisis as he was a pivotal member charged with composing and producing iKON's music. As a result his vacancy inevitably left a huge hole in the group.


    The group re-organized as six and released a new album and digital single, even promoting on Mnet's 'Kingdom' and fans worked hard to support with the remaining dwindling strength as the fandom had gotten smaller. However, suddenly, news of Bobby's unexpected marriage and premarital pregnancy has given a huge blow to the group and fans are unable to hide their disappointment. Birth of a life is definitely something to be celebrated, however, as an idol, Bobby poured cold water on iKON activities that had barely began to heal from the scars left by B.I's incident.

    Fans stated, "Then, wasn't Bobby's girlfriend pregnant when he appeared on Kingdom?" Fans are in great shock and many have begun selling off their iKON merchandise at second-hand markets.

    Bobby's shocking announcement is being likened EXO's Chen, who also suddenly announced marriage and childbirth and is still promoting despite fans calling him "selfish," asking him to leave the group.

    In addition to music and stage, idol groups are peculiar in the way their images are consumed. When people think of an idol, many think of "youth" and it is for this reason that iKON's image has changed now that one member has the title of "married man" and "baby daddy."

    Attention is focused on how iKON will survive this crisis and capture the hearts of fans again.

  • girlgroupstan21

    Changed the title of the thread from “Netizens speculate about iKON's inevitable disbandment” to “Netizens speculate about iKON's inevitable disbandment + Fans express anger and shock & begin selling off merchandise”.
  • wth is wrong with them?

    how someone could wrote this comment?

    "But now seeing someone destined for greatness turn out like this..."

    turn out like this? like what? isn't it normal to get married and become a parent in one point of life?


    I guess some ladies get salty that they weren't the ones that he will have baby with lol

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