Worst boy group comebacks of 2021 so far

  • Boy groups have not been delivering this year, except stray kids and the boyz, everything else is really not my cup of tea, to be honest I do think girl groups make better music than boy groups but that's just my opinion. I am in no way dragging these artists, remember we all have different taste in music. I have decided to not slander girl groups because they make hits only. I have gone back and listened to all of these songs to see if I still dislike them and what do you know, I still hate them.

    these are in no way ranked by best to worst btw.

    1. My treasure by treasure

    It's not doing anything for me. Is it a b-side? I'm not familiar with treasure but this is just music to listen to as I wash my laundry. There's no killing point. Just one note, no woo hoo, nothing. The rap doesn't fit either, not every fan dedicated song needs a rap in it YG. 1/10

    2. Asurababalta by T1419

    I don't even know if I spelt that long title name right, but the horns? or the noise in the background just really angers me. It's just typical boy group music to skip over, nothing new nothing creative nothing life changing. flashing lights, fires, and looking around at nothing mysteriously . 1/10

    3. One by ASTRO

    It's not terrible but it's nothing to gag over. It's like boosted typical boy group music. but there's not much to say, I've heard this song by 20 other boy groups before, it's not making me live. 3.5/10

    4. Why Why Why by IKON

    It's not doing anything for me, not making me cry, not making me crack a smile, it's just bad. Why are they releasing mellow sad songs, everyone needs to be turning up, not crying about non-existent breakups. 2/10

    5. House party by SUJU

    It's not bad, it's not good either. Just there. It's just....yeah. The thing is, any group could release this song. Why can't they sing about their wives or how life was like in the 1800s? I'm not living at all. It's the type of song you listen to for one day then another group releases a better song and you've already moved on. 4/10

    6. No Diggity by oneus

    I could not believe this was the same group that released to be or not to be and valkyrie. RBW what happened? it's just...banging and yelling, nothing new. 2/10

    7. My turn by Cravity

    It's catchy but again, I would forget about it in about 2 days. Again, I could point at 100 boy groups that could release this. What happened to creativity...? 3/10

    9. Popping by ONF

    Yeah. It's just mediocre pretend happy music. I can't understand how they went from beautiful beautiful to this. 1/10

    10. Ugly dance by ONF

    No budget riding off beautiful beautiful hype. It's better than popping, but still terrible. 1.5/10

    11. One in a million by Mark Tuan

    Yes I know mark isn't a boy group he's a soloist, but this is just really bad, and I knew he would make bad music the second he got out of JYP but this is just a new level It's only 2:53 minutes long but it feels like 5 minutes. 0/10

    Speed round of releases I just didn't vibe with from boy groups.

    I know I love you by txt 3.5/10 for seori

    Stay young by ab6ix 3/10

    All in by DKB 2/10

    Encore by Got7 1/10 for participation

    LMLY by Jackson wang 0/10 to be honest every single jackson wang song is a skip for me.

    The best boy group comeback of this year goes to..... Next level by Aespa!

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  • try listening to some Onewe I really liked their new album

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  • Well we all have different tastes and there is something for everyone out there I guess.

    I have to agree with some of the things (but obviously I don't agree with everything and that's fine, we can all like what we want), I actually think The Boyz's comeback is the best bg comeback this year.

    For me there were a lot of good releases, but most of those I really like, were soloists.

    With bgs and ggs it's kind of the same for me, I liked a couple from both.

  • I actually fold my laundry while listening to My Treasure sometimes. Nothing wrong with that unless you're one of those people who think they're above doing their own laundry.


    "And they escorted her to a prison cell..."


  • Free Soobin from your badges :peperain:

    I'm not such a fan of the other releases mentioned although not in these words lol

    ONF's best release is definitely Beautiful Beautiful. Popping is alright but it goes in the bright concepts that bgs do that don't make me feel anything

    Both TXT releases, enhypen Drunk Dazed, ONF Beautiful Beautiful, Astro's After Midnight are in my favorite releases of bgs with mentions of Shinee's Atlantis and Kingdom's Excalibur.

    But I only mostly listen to TXT's :pepelove1:

  • Soobin will remained trapped in my badges until further notice.

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