• All the songs were re-arranged songs, the dances were changed, there were so many sets with a band arrangement, in every song, the VCR was freaking solid, their clothes, hair and makeup were insane and Rose's solo was freaking good
    Wasn't the ticket price way too cheap...? You got to see all of this with only 36K won and even on reruns, they said that you can watch the live streaming on rerun for 8 times. The arrangement for Don't Know What To Do was freaking nice. F*ck, all 4 of them looked like they came from Elsa's cave, grabbed the standing mic with the electric guitar background and shouted their high notes. I thought I was gonna faint


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    But what's impressive is that Kim Jisoo was preparing for her drama and the online concert at the same time... seriously, you can only be a born hard worker with these skills

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    I think that Jisoo's solo song was a Korean song that she wrote and composed but when she said "I was left alone in the world that (I) made with you, wake up" wow... it was crazy

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    Yah yah yah yah yah it was just crazy. None of my money went to waste. The arrangements were f*cking nice and Ddudu Ddudu wow... the water wow... wow... the fire... wow....

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    I'm someone who's a K-idol fan and I've seen quite a lot of online concerts up until now and it's f*cking obvious how much money was spent into BP's concert.... The stages were all newly prepared. There was a reason why they didn't appear at the award shows

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    It's impressive that Kim Jisoo trended #2 in worldwide trends


    F*cking brilliant


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    Down to her skirt, I was like "ooohh"... but what are those knee socks...?ㅠㅠㅋㅋ

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    When I saw her top and bottom, I thought "oh~ as expected from BP's coordi~" but f*ck, what are those? F*ck

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    They must have had a hard time dancing in their short clothes on stage. There are a lot of comfortable clothes to wear so I feel like they gave BP only short clothing. I feel like none of the coordis themselves would wear these clothes so let's lengthen their clothes a bit. They are way too short. It seems like BP's coordis don't really treasure them. To be honest, it feels like they think of BP as their dolls and they are just playing with them

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    The knee socksㅋㅋㅋ aren't those what SES wore in the 90's?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    I found BP's hair makeup and coordi pretty today though

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    What the? Am I the only one who thinks that her knee socks are fine? They are pretty!

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