uh oh, it's some unpopular opinions! (+ popular ones i think about alot)

  • (i mean at least i THINK they're unpopular)

    anyways let me say this: THIS IS NOT HATE, constructive criticism gets confused with hate so much- and all of the groups discussed below, I actually like and listen to on a semi-regular basis.

    1. As a Once, Twice's "summer" comebacks don't variate a lot, with the only exception being Fancy. (I'm talking DTNA, Alcohol Free, etc.) Don't get me wrong, the songs and the girls are great but their b-sides just outshine the rest. I know the cute/pure yet grown up concept it their thing but you can't just release something like that after you release a song like Cry For Me. The difference in quality is noticeable.

    2. Out of the big three, Red Velvet is the most unique active group. I just KNOW people are typing "but itzy! but aespa!" and I get it. Itzy has established their sound but a good amount of their non-title tracks are absolutely fillers (and y'all know EXACTLY which songs i'm talking about).


    As for aespa- yes I understand the whole AI thing and yeah maybe I am in love with Karina but they haven't been around long enough & Next Level was just a cover. Red Velvet switches shit up and they're always unpredictable, I mean who would've thought they would segue into their latest comeback with a whole store that reminisces on their old comebacks?!

    3. I would remove a fucking finger if it meant that *a certain group that i adore* would PLEASE return to their old concepts/do similar concepts. I literally cannot take it anymore and it's wasted talent and it's so sad.

    4. The retro theme in k-pop has been always been around. Some times more than other times. Remember Wonder Girls- I Feel You or Dalshabet- Someone Like U? We're just seeing a resurgence with Joy- Hello, Taeyeon- Weekend, and Sunmi- You Can't Sit With Us.

    5. Blackpink should comeback more often (including solos) and YG is stupid. I hate the stupid fucking hype thing he does when all it does is make people frustrated.

    6. Jay Park has fallen off. He's down bad. This dude released: Sex Trip, Me Like Yuh, Mommae, the whole Worldwide album, Joah, All I Wanna Do, The Truth Is, etc. and then he releases shit like Soju? Please Jaebeom no ;(

    7. JYP needs to stop making Momo sing in that high-pitched cute voice. This one is less unpopular but look it up on youtube and you'll understand.

    8. Dean won't be anywhere as anticipated as he was in 2016 if he does decide to come back. It's just been too long.

    there's always gonna be that one person that gets mad. how you like them apples?

  • 1- i understood your point, but DTNA is a masterpiece!!

    2 - i don't understand this whole "unique" idea tbh, but let's agree to disagree here kkkk

    3- oh, this one is so real to me. I know groups won't "stay" the same forever, but the quality shouldn't go down in this "grow up" process...

    4- true, it has always been around, but it's annoying bc the versatility is dead sometimes with 854387 cbs with the same sound and surprisingly different acts kkkkk

    5- so true. Let's all hate YGE guys! :froghype: kkkkk

    6- i never kept up with him so no comments

    7- idk how her vocals are, but it's obvious that they give her a way higher pitch that she can reach and it's sad.

    8- i completely forgot about him... Damn.... Is he coming back???

  • 1- I don't really understand since Alcohol free sounds completely different than DTNA to me.

    3- I can't relate because concept is not something I care about a lot. The most important for me is to like the music. That said, I actually prefer for a group to change their concept and not come back to an old one. There are many groups for whose I think it would be weird to come back to an old concept because the members have grown and it would not be age adequate anymore.

    No opinion about the rest.

  • "Quality over strategy" claim some Blinks make, makes no sense. You can still consistently release like other groups and make quality ie: (G)I-DLE

    Also it's not YG that's the problem it's Teddy, sure he created D4 and it made BP successful but, he's just stale at this point. The best songs on The Album are produced by others (ie: You Never Know)

  • To Pikachu-Senpai, the most loving person on this forum

    The one who always supported me and others

    I will never forget you

    <3 I miss you Pikachu <3

    Whenever those days come
    You tell me how precious I am
    All those words you say
    Everything’s alright
    From nobody to somebody
    I become a very special me

    You make me feel special

    It's only winter here even in June

    Snowflakes fall down

    And fall apart little by little

    I miss you(I miss you)

    bogo shipda

    BTS Blackpink Twice Sakura

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  • 1) I hereby invalidate your Once card. DTNA is an amazing song and pretty much all Onces love it, including our God Jihyo.

    2) RV is not unique in their concept, I wont comment more since everyone knows what I mean (F(x), SNSD, SES etc etc)

    3) Your finger not that worthy mate :P You cannot turn the past back to the future.

    4) I agree, the retro theme has always been around, but with a caveat. Not just in K-pop and not just in music.

    5) YG is either stupid or very smart. But I agree that I want more music from BP.

    6) Jay Park who? He's washed up and I don't care who @ts me

    7) I agree 120 percent. Momo's tone in lower pitches is so good to the ears.

    8) Who tf is Dean? (joking, I know who Dean is, but meh)

  • I feel the Dean opinion, it's been over a year since Howlin' 404. I NEED a new album soon.

    Is he.....you know?

    투모로우바이투게더 방탄

  • i may disagree but i can never argue w someone that has a signature that mesmerizing

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