Boy with Luv literally ended K-pop.

  • Yes actually, BWL was their last good song, and I'm not saying that to be snarky but the rest of their releases are only talked about with charts and achievements. Is that all anyone cares about? PTD is a b-side (?) and that is not very good, Dynamite was fine, Butter was good, and Life goes on made me fall asleep, The BE album was not my cup of tea at all and I forgot about it after a couple of days, and BTS did deserve to win a grammy because they beat out all of the artist they went up against, and finally they will release another english song soon because Life goes on did fine, but wasn't as big as dynamite or PTD so now BTS has to stick to this new concept. I like BTS though, I like their older songs a lot, and they were the first group I ever stanned after I saw Mic drop, I don't care if they release english songs, It's just that the english songs aren't good.

    They just need to change their music direction , less focus on charting, which ends up releasing another English song, which was bought by label. I will wait their next comeback to see what they bring on the table.

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