which hit is more unexpected : ROLLIN vs NEXT LEVEL

  • Rollin I knew Next Level would be a national hit first listen 8)

    one of the few that simped for Next Level the moment it was released whilst it was facing “backlash” here on Allkpop. We LOVE you for that. Now manifest their album to be a massive hit when it’s released lmao

  • Rollin' was by a nugu girl group on the verge of disbandment and it came out several years ago. Their meteoric rise was like an event on here...everyone was shooketh. They managed to block IU which was even more impressive, the song was much bigger than something like Up & Down or Bboom Bboom.

    aespa are a big 3 girl group from SM so I think most people expected them to do well eventually, just not this soon especially with a song like that.

  • Definitely Rollin

    A failed group from a non-descript company (though the producer is famous), not just coming back, but becoming viral, at the verge of disbanding, no promos but fan-made youtube content and nostalgia of military men.


    the new group from a K-pop major - all the money, backing and planning, with a futuristic concept becoming a hit, which is expected eventually anyway, if not now, then in a year or so.

  • No this isnt a throl thread

    BG have a viral video , its been viral and they slowly charting , step by step . Eventho the viral video is unexpected , them charting at the top is kinda expected the moment we saw the video hitting 10M

    While for Aespa , they are rookie releasing non public song and their previous song isnt doing well on chart . They released NL and boom its quickly climb into TOP5


    *Top 1

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    OT: Rollin. Aespa is bound to have their own GEE and become's this Gen's Nation's Girl Group but people didn't expected to be this soon. I guess their just that Unique and Powerful

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