Spring Day is now the most streamed song in Melon History! (appreciation thread)

  • Fun random fact.

    I witnessed Spring Day comeback even though I wasn’t ARMY at that time. It was 5pm in Malaysia and I was at school picking up my niece (She was ARMy - sad now that she’s more into western acts). So I was there witnessing a beautiful MV and a beautiful song in my car with my niece. Little did I know that I was witnessing the birth of a legendary Korean song.

    *Back then they still release like normal kpop group (Monday). I think it was after Fake Love that all BTS releases are on Friday.

    I kind of witnessed Spring Day comeback as well, I found BTS just after it came out and I remembers seeing some very confusing talk about "streaming" in the MV comments.

    I was also very disappointed it didnt have more views (only 10m!), since it was such a great song and MV :cryingr:

  • Deserved! :borahae:

    This is probably the best cover ever

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    my god, it's beautiful.


  • When it first came out, I was a bit skeptical about it since I was anticipating a pure Brit Rock song but my friend immediately loved it. I was a bigger fan of Not Today because it was upbeat.

    But ironically, it’s Spring Day that has aged so well and is such a timeless classic. I’m glad it eventually received the love it deserved in Korea over the years, with many people and singers covering it too!

  • Congratulations!

    (I think some of you might be looking for a reference on a certain Senior Singer but I decided not to do that at this thread)

    Oh no, then IU will lose out as the "Most mentioned Singer in WhyKnock/Yknocker HIstory"

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