So i have a theory .. RxJ is happening

  • So i think we all saw jennie and rose spending time together in LA aka music industry clubhouse

    They met many celebrities there : dua lipa , Charlie xcx , bella porch ... Etc

    And many reports said the are working on new music BUT why only Jennie and rose tho ????????

    My theory is that YG about to debut the female version of GDxTOP and that RxJ is coming

    It makes so much sense tbh hear me out , baemon is coming soon so for sure more attention is going to support the new kids i mean lisa is doing her own thing for about two years, now jisoo is an actress and we all know YG is all about making it worldwide and Jennie and rose both are english speakers and got the most hype internationally

    Maybe iam just a clown but it would be huge if it happened

  • is this supposed to be in fanfic section? :clown:

  • I don't think so they were probably working on thier parts UMG literally hinted that blackpink is coming with new music

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