Why is Jeongyeon unpopular internationally

  • Haha, so much clowns here. Indirectly looking down on Jeongyeon.

    Jeongyeon isn't much popular because of the company. If they give her decent lines, screentime and styling as the other members of the vocal line she would be much more popular. Or you are forgetting that when they actually did it in YoY (WHEN SHE ACTUALLY HAD LONG HAIR, DITCHED THE GIRL CRUSH IMAGE AND HAD DECENT STYLING) she grabbed a lot of attention

  • I'll say it again, she deserves much more. She's my bias.

    She isn't promoted enough. She gets a decent amount of lines, but not that much. She doesn't get a ton of screentime and solo shots, as well as solo activities. She doesn't get that good outfits and doesn't get promoted or pushed.

    She also took some months off because of injury and anxiety. If she took part in ICTSM promotions she might be more noticed, maybe?

    Her beauty isn't for everyone, realistically speaking because I feel like she will be popular with a certain audience who likes a certain type. In my eyes, she's the 2nd most beautiful K-Pop idol, just under Jihyo, my other bias.

    What happened in Yes Or Yes era? She got so many lines, she extended her hair, so much solo screentime, great outfits, amazing vocals, her stage presence was great, she was ultra beautiful, and she stood out. Guess what? She grabbed so much attention.

    Her vocals are amazing, her songwriting skills are great, her dancing is on par, and her personality is great. She just needs to stand out, which she did in Time To TWICE, for me. I believe Jeongyeon is on her way to be one of the funniest members.


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    Bom tấn đam mỹ 2gether "đánh úp" bản điện ảnh, cặp BrightWin sắp sửa cưới  nhau hoành tráng?

  • Sometimes there's just no clear answers. Somebody has to be last no matter what.

    I dont know who's least popular but if its really Jeongyeon then we're all here discussing it lol if it was Chaeyoung then there be a Chae thread asking why Chae is least popular.

    If it was Dahyun then there be a thread about why Dahyun is least popular, etc.

    Most the reasons mentioned here, besides the very Jeongyeon specific ones, will be posted as the reasons on another "why is x member least popular?" It'll be same explanation just different members.

    Sometimes things just is lol

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  • She does not get much screentime and she usually gets the worst styling

    GG members with a tomboy style always get less attention than other members for some reason, see Amber for example. maybe because on one hand fanboys are more attracted to either girly or sexy members while on the other fangirls are more attracted to members they can relate to or take inspiration from style wise

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