Why would you forgive a cheater?

  • Idk… never got cheated on. I think it depends on the level of cheating (was it a kiss or did they had sex) and also if I think the relationship is worth saving. But this as well depends on how much he would fight for me.

  • I can't. Loyalty is a priority for me.

    If the person thinks the relationship is melting, just tell me. I'd deal better with the person saying "it's not going well, I'm not feeling well about this and we better break up before I end up messing up" than finding out this person is cheating on me.

    Emotional responsibility is important.


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  • You know, you could make a movie or a song out of this. Anyway OT, I have never been cheated on but if my partner cheated on me then I will let it happen 3 times. (The reason I would let it happen 3 times is that there is a chance they were drunk or something and people make mistakes) but if he continues more than 3 times then I would leave him.

    But I wouldn't give this advice to others. My approach might be wrong and I don't want others to get hurt by this so if they get cheated on I would suggest they leave unless it was a misunderstanding or something.

  • I would forgive but not forget especially if the agreement is a monogamous relationship. That doesn't mean I would stay in the relationship. I think holding onto negative feelings like anger and disappointment can contribute to physically getting sick. Any sort of negativity that can build up can eventually become toxic to you in some shape or form over the long term.

  • Ive never been but sure I can forgive.

    Theres very few things I absolutely cant forgive - child abusers, serial killers etc. In my view, cheating is not in the same level as those examples.... but what do I know. Like I said, Ive never been cheated on before.

    You hate me? Well, remember it's mind over matter. I do not mind and you do not matter.


  • One of my best friend once cheat on his girl friend.

    So we where one a party and we drink a lot of Alkohol and some other stuff . And my best friend had big blackout....and when he woke up another woman was in his bed.

    He fell very guilty and intimately tells his girlfriend....she wasn't sure if she could forgive him but after she talk with me and we had a little girl talk she forgive him.

    BTW: They are gonna get marry in 3 Month :|:|:|

  • I have not been cheated on before. If i'm in the situation hypothetically, it's hard to say if I would forgive. I think I would not but let's say you're married and tied together financially and have shared property together then it's not that easy to leave. If my partner shows remorse and willing to work to gain back my trust then I might stay to work things out.

  • i never got cheated on, probably because i've never dated before haha (and am not interested in relationships at all) but if I was, and got cheated on, i think i wouldn't forgive them. or if it wasn't too serious, then just be friends from then on. but if it was just flirtations, i would still probably feel weird about it and forgive them. (though it depends on the context) but if it happened again i'd probably just leave them.

  • this is why drinking is bad...

  • A lot of emotions go into breaking up a relationship.

    It can be hard.

    As it takes time to reflect and understand why it ended, moreover, how can you deal with pain and grow from it.

    Simply, it is a tough journey.

    Though I have never been in a relationship (or have been cheated on), I would not forgive the actions of that ex.

    As they broke a heart and a connection.

    But I would not hide my pain, nor the scars that they caused.

    Because I need to express the beauty of my emotions.

    I know that everyday that I will make a step in the journey to healing.

    My soul deserves love & nurture

    As should anyone's

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  • OP

    Some of these....

    Have you been cheated on before? Did you forgive?

    Yeah I did many times until I got tired of playing games

  • but the question is what does i9son feel about this situation?

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