should I use privilege if it means my achievements are going to be downplayed?

  • long read......but i seriously need advice ,I know it's a kpop forum but i've read a lot of quora and i need a different perspective

    Universities allot seats based on reservation percentage from two different categories are 1: reservation category (SC,ST,OBC,EWC and other minorities) 2:Open category (General, SC, ST, OBC, EWC and other minorities). In allotment, Major priority given to reservation category including 33% reservation for Women, priority in allotting is given by Other Minorities women, ST women, SC women, ST Men, SC Men, OBC women, OBC Men, EWC Women, EWC Men and then after Open category Will be considered. Government Universities will allot based on priority by: Other Minorities women, ST women ,SC women ,ST Men ,SC Men, OBC women ,OBC Men, EWC Women ,EWC Men & then General and reservation percentage under consideration for entrance exams fees ,for cut off marks ,for allotment of seats and also applicable to other government schemes.

    In India student aids are available for—SCs, STs, BCs, OBCs, women, Muslims, and other minorities. Only about 0.7% of student aids in India is based on merit, given the grossly inadequate representation of above-mentioned categories in employment and education due to historic, societal and cultural reasons

    (highlighted parts are relevant to me)

    if you are intrested,

    I will be appearing for my college entrance exam this year, and i'm aiming for top 2 uni for cs branch (that's kind of like the 'mentality' here). i am academically doing great and expect to get 2nd/3rd best one without using any kind of reservation and if i use it, i will easily get the top one and i really want it. but here is the thing.....i'm kind of an egoistic and ambitious person(if that's the right word for it) and all those who use resevations face some sort of backlash and all their achievements get downplayed, and i know i will feel guilty the all the time that dont belong there and idk how will the behaviour of others will be. Heck even i use to talk shit about those using reservations until i knew i was eligible for one and i personally think they are completely useless and promote further discrimination but the top college is just too good to give up and if i get the chance why not use it? My parents are of the opinion that it should be used but i'm absolutely confused what to do and i have one day to decide ;( any kind of opinions are welcome

    [for more insights,…ervations-survive-in-IITs]

  • use it...if you have the opportunity then why not use it...f*** whoever is going to give you backlash

    better to use and get in and secure the top spot than risk missing out or failing

    that the only reason i'm considering using it but the thing is i used to talk shit about it with PASSION (have had 3 group debates on the same topic in opposition before in school when my parents didn't tell me that i was eligible and won all of them) so i dont know if i will be able to live with the guilt of not actually deserving that position

  • use it. remember you aren't the only one who's taking reservation. if you aren't gonna take up the spot, then some other student with a lower rank is gonna take up the reservation spot. regardless of anything you do in life, there are always gonna be people who are bitter about your success. don't mind them.

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  • that the only reason i'm considering using it but the thing is i used to talk shit about it with PASSION (have had 3 group debates on the same topic in opposition before in school when my parents didn't tell me that i was eligible and won all of them) so i dont know if i will be able to live with the guilt of not actually deserving that position

    hypocrisy is cornerstone of life my friend - you tell if there's not one leader, politician, business leader etc that talks shit about one thing only to do the exact opposite.

    How many religious leaders espouse the sanctity of marriage only to go fuck their secretary or whoever

    How many business leaders preach about ethics only the commit the whitest of white collar crimes

    How many politicians will be like fight for the poor only when elected to line their pockets full of lobby money

    Take trump for example he is the most trashed talked and trashing talking president ever but he was still the f***** PRESIDENT - those people at the top got to where they are by exploiting the system - why should you do anything different.

  • use it

    but just know that in uni there will be slight backlash even by professors. But when you go to the corporate world it doesn't matter. Here brand name matters.

  • Well I am from SC background. And I am totally privileged, never went through what my ancestors went through.

    But hear me, you already know how tough competition for engineering colleges are. You will probably aim for IIT right? Go get that opportunity, you never know what can happen.

    In my 12th class I had some traumatic moment in my life, almost missed my pre boards due to it. I was so sick that I couldn't complete CBSE Book 2 of each subjects, and IIT preparation became a thing of past. I had a sudden decline in my marks and got okayish board results. Obviously I didn't clear JEE MAINS. And drop year wasn't for me. So I opted for Tier-2 or Tier-3 colleges. If it wasn't for my SC reservation I wouldn't even get admission in the worst college from Tier-2 or Tier-3.

    Through my reservation I was able to get admission for CSE in a well known Tier- 2 college. I understand people can downplay your achievements but in my college no one dared to speak when I got equal marks like them. These ranks are just numbers and can't define your intelligence. On the other hand my parents are the ones who always remind me that I got my admission from Quota and my iq is weaker than my classmates. And it feels sad.

    Ignore people, they will bark like others do. Not a cruel incident compared to what peopl in rural parts of India goes through but lemme tell you my story.

    I was just 11 y/o when one of my friends asked me about my caste and like an innocent child I told her the truth. At that time I never knew what caste based inequalities are. Next day that friend of mine slapped me because I belonged to SC caste and the other friends secluded me for a while. It was not something I expected from urban area. From that day onwards I started lying about my caste. One of my dear friends didn't knew about my caste and bitched about how SC caste people smells, never showers and dirty. One of my friends stopped talking to me that I got admission in college due to my SC reservation. Honestly these incidents are harmless but rural areas are a threat to lower castes but I still feel that the hate towards us still remains intact in urban areas but not that publicly.

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