K-pop fans love to blow things out of proportion and act like idols are sweatshop workers

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    I mean just look at this video...I'm glad there is some sense in the comment section. (btw I just checked and the person who posted this DELETED all the comments. YESTERDAY there were a ton of comments of people saying "I don't think they're exhausted..I think they're avoiding the heat" and the person who posted it was getting all mad and saying they are mistreated. There were some other people also saying "dont you know how hard they workd?!?!?!? they need rest!!! recording an album and learning a dance is hard!!!"""

    They do not look exhausted, they look like they are trying to stay out of the sun .

    The way some fans complain about the regular work that idols do...it seems like they'd prefer if idols didn't work at all. like we should all just up and quit our jobs so that we aren't ever tired for even a second lmao.

    Twice has more schedules than BP and RV so it may seem like they are overworked, but they didn't have any music from jan to may. And then they didn't really promote kura kura they way korean comebacks are promoted. So A-F was there first promotion of the year. yes they have to sit and record an album but what singer doesn't? that's part of job. yes they have to learn choreo but that's part of their job. I mean Taylor Swift put out two big albums in 2020 that she wrote and composed on her own, with the help of a few others. That's a lot. Twice has to learn choreo because they have to dance of course...and they only learn choreo for the title track.

    Someone in the comment section yday had even put it very astutely to one very defensive and dramatic fan who was complaining that they are overworked because they arent smiling for a second...this person said "I think you're confusing short term fatique to long term fatigue. Long term fatigue is the type investment bankers face- crazy hours and it goes on for months and months. Short term would be the kind a soccer player faces during the world cup or a singer during their concert or promotions- yeah they may seem tired in that moment but the nature of their job is that they have to work hard for a few weeks rather than having a typical 9 to 5 job. "

    I am sick of this dumb and foolish narrative that if an idol doesn't smile 24/7 they are overworked and exhausted and mistreated. I mean theyre shooting their first Korean comeback of the year..why would they be over-exhausted? When they don't have comebacks, their schedules aren't as taxing. They do an interview, they do their Time to Twice series, they do a magazine photoshoot, they record for their upcoming album, they do their performance or melody projects..they have days off- they themselves have said that. They aren't working 24/7 when it isn't comeback season, they have a good amount of time off in between things.

    This is just silly. This person deleted all the comments because they couldn't stand someone not agreeing that they are treated like sweatshop workers. I personally think the job of an investment banker, lawyer or doctor is more taxing than that of an idol. Pilots too. Should we all quit our jobs so that we aren't "mistreated"?? LOL. Thats they way of life, that's part of being an adult. You work hard. You don't go to school from 8 to 3 and play after that. I'm sick of people acting like JYP abuses them and they are miserable. Maybe they have had those moments but they signed up for a job and are perfectly happy to do it.

  • I am feeling the cringe when I saw non-fans asked Twice to get more rest. There are plenty of unfortunate people and events in this world and they choose to worry about the artists that they are not a fan of


    Yeah people love to hate on JYP and push the "twice are mistreated and overworked" narrative. i think all 9 of them will renew, but if someone does not it will be because they want a different career direction, not because they are being treated poorly.

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