Produce 101 Japan season 2 will air on January 31st

  • OK so here is something I read about the upcoing second season:

    The "PRODUCE 101" series from the Korean music channel "Mnet" is an audition program in which viewers vote to select the winning member from among 101 trainees by a "national producer. The Japanese version of "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" was broadcasted from September to December 2019, and JO1 was born. In Season 2, the second round of auditions, the "Ontact Ability Evaluation" will be held first. In the "Ontact Ability Evaluation", the national producers will meet the trainees online, check their attractiveness and ability, and find the ones they want to see on the show and the ones who have potential to become members of a global boy group. During the voting period, a variety of content will be made available to the public that will be an important factor in evaluating the trainees. The voting period is from February 1 to February 10. The 60 trainees selected by the national producers will be able to advance to the next stage.

    As with season 1, the program will be distributed exclusively on GYAO! Also, on Sunday, January 31st at 23:00, a special program introducing the 101 trainees, "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2 National Voting Countdown SP" will be streamed for free on GYAO!

    So this means different to the previous season they are the fuck not taking 101 different dudes, they are not even taking anyone who has potentional no mather how they look like, they just the heck say this time "yeah no, we only want those who are hot and perfect dancer/vocalist" wich means that people who maybe dance and sing pretty well but are not that handsome are not going to make it probably. Oh yikes tho. I mean I really liked how different the participants in the first season were so if it could end in that only the good looking dudes with a bit of vocal-talent would do it but they are actually not the perfect choice for the end-group and maybe fans of the show think the same it will be a total mess.

    Sorry if I might get something wrong in here, but for the first season I only know that they didn't done it like written above. The only thing I remember is that the participants had to hold auditions to show off if they can sing or dance in order to be taken and if a whole set of people from the same prefecture tried it they chose only 1 or 2 people from there (except for Tokyo and Korea because there were maybe 6 or 7 dudes from Tokyo and 3 from the same group in Korea) and the only time I remember people who were not taken besides this was the case for a boygroup who tried to let everyone audition but only one member got taken (anyone remembers Kosuke who is now in OWV? Good ... or maybe actually bad because of his decission WhiteA had disbanded) so yeah ...

    I wonder what the heck is even going on this time since it comes off like ... sorry but if that show will at the end only contain out of pretty dudes who can maybe just sing and have no personality than yikes... really yikes... it's a no no for me :fingerk:

  • I believe they are forced to do it that way because of covid. It’s either that or skip 2021 altogether and wait for 2022 (and there’s no guarantee things will be back to normal by then either).

    Anyway I saw some of the rumored trainees and definitely rooting for those 3 if they’re on

  • LMAO the first guy looks like if you would mix Junki, NOA and Mukai Taichi together. The second one looks a lot like Jungkook o.o

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