4th Gen Amazing and Outstanding Comeback this Year

  • it's been 6 months since 2021, and I'm so happy for some of these 4th gen groups who have had an amazing and outstanding comeback in 2021. There were some 4th gen groups' songs that kinda blew up this year like After School, ASAP, Drunk-Dazed, Fever, Mafia in The Morning, Hot Sauce, Next Level, 0x1=Lovesong, and Anti-Romantic.

    I'm really impressed with these songs' Spotify streams. I know that there are other metrics but I think Spotify is the metric that can prove the songs' popularity more than other metric like Youtube, since we know it's harder to enter Spotify global and get >= 500k+ streams/day than millions of views. I didn't mean to discredit Youtube's achievements too. But I'm just so impressed and happy for these songs doing well on Spotify.

    - Started with Weeekly's After School on March. It went viral and rise in streams and even peaked at #3 on Spotify Indonesia. And now it already had 50 m+ streams and become the most streamed song by kpop girl group in 2021.

    - And then StayC's ASAP. It did very well on Korean charts. And actually it did quiet well on Spotify too. It's so stable with around 175k+ daily streams for the past few days and already had 17.4 m+ streams. Already become their most streamed song on the platform.

    - And then Enhypen cameback with Border:Carnival along with the title track Drunk-Dazed. It charted on Spotify Global Top 200, and joined itzy, G-Idle, TXT, and Stray Kids as the only 4th gen groups to chart on Spotify Global Top 200. Already had 33 m+ streams and become the most streamed 4th gen boygroup song this year. Still going strong with 350k+ daily streams. Not only that, their bside Fever did very well too, already had 20 m+ streams and it's going viral now. It has rise and re-entered some countries' Spotify chart. I even just found out that tonight, it rise from #127 (37k+) to #61 (69k+) on Spotify Indonesia. It gained 400k+ daily streams, up 40k+ streams from yesterday's streams.

    - And after that we got Itzy with Mafia in The Morning. Just as expected, they did very well on Spotify. Become the highest 4th gen song on Spotify Global Top 200 at #56 (cmiiw). Already had 50 m+ streams and and still stable at 450k+ daily streams.

    - And then we got NCT Dream with Hot Sauce. Actually I don't know either whether I should consider them as 4th Gen or not. But since the members have similar age with other 4th gen, and I feel like they're going to dominate the industry at the same moment with other 4th Gen, I'm just gonna mention them too. Hot Sauce did very well too, it become NCT's first ever song to enter Spotify Global Top 200 (cmiiw). Already had 24 m+ streams and still gaining 350k+ daily streams.

    - And then we got Aespa with Next Level. Next Level already did amazingly well on kcharts. It also did well on Spotify, entered Spotify Global Top 200 and is so stable at 500k+ daily streams for the past few days. Already had 28 m+ streams.

    - And recently we got TXT with TCC:FREEZE and title track 0x1=LOVESONG. They improved a lot with Spotify. Love Song charted on Spotify Global Top 200 with over 1 m+ streams, the only 4th gen boygroup that entered top 100 Spotify Global Top 200 and had 1m+ daily streams. And also the only 4th gen group that charted a bside Anti-Romantic with over 800k+ streams, which is going viral right now and just like Fever, it rise and re-entered some countries' Spotify chart. Both Love Song and Anti-Romantic are still going strong with over 590k+ and 470k+ daily streams. Already had 28m+ and 16m+ streams.

    I just want to express how proud I am with these groups. These songs are amazing songs. No wonder why they did well on charts and even went viral. Knowing that these groups did very well on Spotify, I hope 4th gen can rise and do even better next time, not only in Spotify, but also in korean charts, especially for boygroups, I hope knetz can be more opened and at least try to check them out. I can't wait for to hear new music from these groups. And other 4th Gen groups like Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and The Boyz, how much will they improve after appearing on Kingdom, and also other groups like G-Idle and Treasure. Fighting 4th Gen!


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