Assign K-pop roles to Western groups

  • Think who would be the leader, main vocal, dancer, visual, maknae etc in western groups. I'll start:

    Spice Girls

    Lead: Geri

    Vocals: Mel C, Mel B, Emma

    Sub vocals: Geri, Victoria

    Rappers: Geri, Mel B

    Dancers: Victoria, Mel B, Mel C

    Visual: Geri

    Face: Geri, Victoria

    Maknae: Emma

    Since there's only five of them, I merged some of the roles ^^


  • I'll do little mix ot4 since i'm most familiar with them

    jesy: leader, lead/main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist

    leigh: main rapper, vocalist, visual

    jade: main dancer, lead vocalist

    perrie: main vocalist, fotg, maknae

    ot3 would probably had leigh or jade as leader

    debating on lead and main bc jesy trained to be a dancer and is really good but the girls themselves said jade is the best dancer among them so

  • 100% agree with all of the roles you assigned. You seriously nailed this perfectly lol. God, the Spice Girls were fun.

  • ok this one is a little wild. My favorite western band is Ayreon, its kinda like a supergroup of metal singers and musicians from all across Europe. the lineup changes every album so I'm going with the theory of everything cause that's the best lineup in my opinion. also sense there's no rappers I'm grading them on instrumental capacity instead. also dancing will be replaced with stage presence.

    Leader: Arjan Lucassen

    Lead Vocalist/Visual: Tommy Karevik

    Main instrumentalist/vocalist: Mike Mills

    Maknae: Sara Squadrani (she's 34 lmao)

    Main stage presence: Cristina Scabbia

    instrumentalist/vocal: Janne "JB" Christofferson

    All rounder: Marco Hietala

    Lead instrumentalist: John Wetton

    doing research for this has made me realize what talented legends they all are

    1601860532-20201004-suhyun.jpg~proudly presented by a humble humanoid commenter~

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