Theory Time! Lisa's Solo Was Supposed To Happen In 2020

  • Hello everyone, YG has drained me of content so much that I might be turning delusional so hang with me. As the title says, Lisa's solo might have been supposed to come in 2020. You might not believe me but we all know that YG isn't an stranger to delays.

    Let me showcase my proof.

    Jennie and Rose Solo Eras.

    During 2018 people were calling Jennie privileged and said that Jennie was favored by YG and one of the reasons why was her d4 outfit.

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    As you can see she stands out. The rest of the member's have a common theme in their outfits. Black. But Jennie doesn't and it makes her stand out. My theory is that this wasn't YG making Jennie "privileged". Jennie's outfit may not be the best but it still makes her stand out.

    I think it was YG's secret promotional tactic for her solo. Jennie's outfit makes her stand out, make people interested in her and that helped with her solo because it gained her attention even if some of it was unfortunately negative.

    And guess what happened after d4? Jennie's solo.

    Now you may be asking, YG didn't do that for Rose's solo. Well they did, except I don't think it got much attention.

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    As you can see, the rest of the members have blue somewhere in their outfits but Rose has an orange checkered outfit that makes her stand out a bit.

    My guess is that this was a little promotional tactic for her solo because guess what happened after Lovesick Girls?

    EVERYTHING IS NEED IS ON THE GROUND!!!!!! Sorry about that but but you guys get it.

    Now look at Lisa's outfit in How You Like That

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    Now look at Lisa's outfit, the rest of the member's outfit has a common theme, denim. But Lisa's doesn't. The rest of the members are wearing something darker but Lisa is wearing a lighter color.

    See the pattern? Lisa's outfit makes her stand out from the rest of her members.

    And my theory is that this was a secret promotional tactic for her solo, that was supposed to happen right after How You Like That.

    Another thing I want to add is that Jennie had her iconic rap verse in d4 which was right after her white outfit was shown. Same with Lisa, she had her own iconic moment in How You Like That right after her outfit was shown. It might be connected but I am not sure.

    So as you might ask. Why didn't Lisa's solo happen if that is the case? Well I am not sure. Only YG knows. There is a chance that YG delayed it for some reason. Also keep in mind this is a theory.

    Thank you for listening to my tedtalk.

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