my absolute favourite thing about kpop fandom; a rant

  • whenever a group gets into a controversy, no matter how ambiguous the whole thing is at the moment, people just decide to cancel the entire group altogether.

    but this only happens to groups that the people never even stanned to begin with. "i'm not gonna support this group anymore. Group A DISBAND!"

    like... gurl... chill... you've never even supported the group even before the scandal. your non-support is not gonna make any difference.

    the same energy will not happen to the groups they do stan though, even when the scandal is proven to be true. "When is oppar coming back to the group?"

    peak clown energy right there :pepe-clown-gear: :pepe-clown-gear: :pepe-clown-gear:

  • everyone is entitled to their opinions....

    even if there was no scandal/fake scandal/real scandal etc a person is entitled to cancel another person or group for whatever reason they want to...

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