Today it happend...

  • IT happend

    my First Tweet from US President Joe Biden (White House) :eyes:

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    It was retweeted by Vice-President Kamila Harris (White House)

    I consider to tweet her/him MV 'Bonny & Clyde' by Yuqi

  • Hermes101

    Changed the title of the thread from “And today IT happend...” to “Today it happend...”.
  • FYI that really goes to the Root of the Federal Voting legislation "For the People". It is Unconstitutional.

    Constitution authorizes the State the Job of overseeing Federal Elections.

    Consider the only Federal Office people will vote on is for the President and Vice President team. All other Election matters concerns the State.

    I think it is a purely Political stunt to attempt to Federalize Elections. Dems get to look like the good guy as the protectors of Voters. Historically Democrats consistently fought against improving Voters Rights. This is going to be a small footnote in History of their continuity of being against Voting Rights.

    2020 Elections was hastily modified because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. After the elections States began refining their Election process. It may be because they recognized they neglected the process and the 2020 election showed problems.

    The Dems are villianizing States who are improving their election process. Sensationalizing and falsely characterizing the changes as voter suppression. Those Republicans are taking your Vote away. Along with that small footnote in history it will include Republicans consistently support and passed Voter Rights. Many Years of Democrat majority in Government blocked Voter Rights from passing.

    The last person to have any credibility for Protecting voter Rights are Democrats. As they trash the first ones(GOP) with credibility for protecting voters rights. A term 'Projecting' is those who (Dems) blame others(innocent) with crimes they themselves have/are committed. Biden's "Jim Crow!" remark is exactly what Democrats practiced and tried to keep intact.

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