Update :- Police did not reject defamation lawsuits against itzy lia's victim due to lack of evidence but because they determined victim wasn't lying

  • The only time I've found Soojin state she didn't remember is when it came to the juice incident.

    Here are her only two public statements: first and second

    Yess, " i don't remember" on soojin's text statment only explicitly written on her first statement about the juice.

    But according to the news about the meeting with the sisters, soojin's allegedly said or act "i don't remember" when confronted by the sister, but still it's not clear is it true or not and which part that soojin's doesn't remember about the accusations on that meeting.

    Then seo shin ae, soojin's called out shin ae said that doesn't do any harm or even ever talk to shin ae and asking shin ae to address the issue.

    Then, shin ae on her statments tells about what soojin's alegedlly forget about:

    She says she does not remember and has never spoken with me, and that is true. They were just one-sided insults. I think it is unfortunate that she is drawing the line even saying that she definitely did not do the actions or say the scornful words in her group behind me. And I’m not sure what kind of witnesses or evidence she has, but I want to ask if her selective memory is honesty that can cover up everything I am talking about.

    on the last sentence, i think shin ae tried to called out soojin about her selective memory.

    Imo, these events above are how "i dont remember" tied with this case.

    Since no more statements from soojin and cube and since it's revealed that cube doing lawsuit which there is also no further explanation about either the lawsuit goes to the sisters and also to shin ae...then we only could wait and see.

  • My point is that we only know that Soojin stated herself she doesn't remember only that one incident. We don't know if she actually said it other times directly to either accuser. It's undermined if her statement or the accuser's statements are truthful. Cube has investigated the accusations and turned over the evidence to the police.

  • Why are most of the pages about Soojin in a thread that's about Lia? :whatb:

    Because Soojin is so kind and noble she creates a diversion and takes the bullet for everyone. :pepe-sad:

    Anyway, you're right. Let's get back on track. So! Lia then. Well it sucks. Let's wait for JYP's next move.

    Studies confirmed you'll have more fun spending time with goth traffic wardens than with kpoppers who proved to be the worst bunch of sad pandas known to man.


  • So much bullshit

    Dude anybody can start false rumours on internet. Do you want companies to keep silent when every month a fake bullying scandal can pop up on the internet and end the career of their idols?

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