[Let's talk] Is Treasure struggling ????

  • they do but no one other than their fans and some other kpop stans are going to watch their reality show on youtube. we still have to keep in mind that they’re not a traditional yg group and that seems to hurt them because i don’t see many yg stans token stanning them like they have been doing. yg has a great reputation when it comes to groups because all of their groups have had great public recognition in korea. treasure don’t seem very yg so i think people just kinda lost interest in them.. they’re too young and too boyish for yg company stans

    based on my observation it's the opposite most YG stans tend to like treasure I notice ikonics. incles and some Vips like them it's bp the one that don't get much support from yg stans.

  • I think Treasure is doing well as kpop group but as a YG group the pressure and expectations are very high considering the stats of their seniors when they debuted.

  • It literally took NCT 5 years to get out of "they aren't doing bad but for a big company BG they can't seem to fight the competition".

    Literally what? NCT started their boom last year with Kick It and Neo Zone not even 4 years after their debut, NCT's only competition that was doing better than them before were Produce groups and Seventeen (even though SVT debuted 1 year prior to them), and all the rest of bgs from big companies that debuted around them weren't selling better than them. The problem is that people compared since the start NCT to groups like BTS or EXO because of expectations, meanwhile Treasure is being compared to their actual 4th gen competition.

  • I feel like all the 4th gen BGs aren't that different popularity wise now. I mean some do have more sales than the others but the gaps aren't that big. It will depend on who will catch the GP's attention first and blow up but so far it's still a close race.

  • Why do I feel this a drag? well, but the drag isn't dragging :D Anyway, first of all their debut was delayed for almost 2 years because of YG scandals. It affected their debut and they lost a lot of fans.

    Isn't 1M physical album sales great for a 5 month old rookie? They are the second fastest to sell 1M albums. If we're going to talk about why their album sales don't grow every comeback, it's because pre-release order was only 1-2 weeks only. And why do you keep comparing them in 2 year bgs? They are not even a year old group. Don't worry about Treasure they are doing good. ;)

  • I understand your point so I'm going to give you some:

    "did not grow in sales": They released singles and sold + 200k of each and their album is the compilation of their singles plus two or three new songs I'm not really sure about that.

    They literally did very well for a rookie group. Now, it is not fair that you compare them with groups like TXT and ATEEZ that are older and have more albums, obviously you are going to see growth in them.

    You also can't compare them to enhypen which is a group with a lot of exposure for a show and everyone knows that such high performing groups of shows quickly become popular. Treasure had something similar at the time but debuted years later which made them lose popularity and recognizing that they could have had with the public and possible fans.

    I have nothing to say about the charts because you are right, surprisingly they have not done well on the Korean charts but in Japan and foreign charts they are strong.

    They seem quite popular in Japan which is a great opportunity, they seem to have more foreign fans than Koreans but they have a very good fandom.

    They are a new group from a great company they will do well, they just need the right song. This same Ikon also experienced and then exploded in popularity.

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